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2015.01.05 Mon, by

Best of 2014 Berlin

Abstraction is becoming the Western equivalent of the most masturbatory Literati work. Whether we call it “Zombie Formalism” (Walter Robinson) or “MFA-clever“ (Jerry Saltz), we end up bending for beige. >> Read more
2020.05.28 Thu, by

Eyes on the Prize: The Inaugural 2020 Sigg Prize
Interview with Uli Sigg, Suhanya Raffel, M+ Director, and winner Samson Young

A prize is always as much about the giver as the receiver. This year’s inaugural Sigg Prize, successor to the esteemed Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA), was as much about M+ as it was about the winner, Hong Kong’s own Samson Yung. >> Read more
2019.06.04 Tue, by

Xu Hong:The Space Inside Within

We are pleased to present the solo show of Xu Hong at the Triumph Gallery in 798 Art Zone in Beijing, entitled The Space Inside Within on May 24, 2019. Curated by the international curator Thomas Eller, the exhibition presents three work groups by the prolific artist for this exhibition grouped around the artist ́s […] >> Read more
2016.01.20 Wed, by

Teleportation – ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai

ART LABOR Gallery is pleased to open the year with a terrific group show featuring a gathering of engaging artists from across the globe. >> Read more
2014.10.29 Wed, by

On the Wanderings of Scholars and Adventurers

This is the meticulously cared for realm of Liu Chuanhong’s imagination – an ambiguous and elastic liberated space, an in-between place existing beyond the jurisdiction of contemporary realities. To him, this is high art... >> Read more
评论, 2014.09.22 Mon, by

South of Beijing, West of Shanghai: Survey of Museums in China

The purpose of a whirlwind museum tour was to explore what China might do with roughly 5,000 new museums built in the past decade. This is a phenomenon marked by a dearth of reliable information.
>> Read more
评论, 2014.07.06 Sun, by

Where Jianghu Began: the Demimonde of Art in China

Some things have disappeared or changed, but some things can only exist within "jianghu", this wandering world of artists and misfits... >> Read more
评论, 2013.03.22 Fri, by

Resemblance Upon Looking Back: Dai Mouyu and Lu Chi Dual Exhibition

FQ Projects is very pleased to present Dai Mouyu and Lu Chi’s work: drawings on paper, and glass sculptures. >> Read more
Art World, 2012.10.31 Wed, by

Chaos behind the Curtain

Preparation for this year's Biennale has been marred by missed deadlines and general lack of organization. The Biennale itself seems to have come together at the very last possible minute. Rebecca Catching goes backstage at the 2012 Shanghai Biennale to shed light on the chaos and confusion inherent in the organization of this massive art event. >> Read more