EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.01.13 Mon, by

Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)

Established in 2002, Singapore Tyler Print Institute is a catalyst and advocate for new ideas and dialogues for contemporary art in print and paper. >> Read more
2015.04.16 Thu, by

Portrait of a Blind Artist Obscured by Flowers

Gander drily recites a maudlin tale of an inspiring young child he had met on the beach during his student days—that gentle uplift you might read in Upworthy and Humans of New York. As the story concludes, Gander's halting cadence evaporates as he confessed that a ghost-writer crafted these bizarrely banal heart-warmers which he uses instead of speeches... >> Read more
2014.06.20 Fri, by

The Doubtful Clock

The notion of Tiravanija working alongside the Singapore Tyler Print Institute does elicit some sense of fascinated curiosity at what they've produced, particularly under a title like “Time Travelers Chronicle (Doubt): 2014-802,701 A.D.”
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2014.12.11 Thu, by

Miami Vice—and Some New Virtue

Art Basel Miami beach is traditionally seen as the glitzy, snowbird relative of Basel proper, with attendees in significant part accounted for by East-Coasters flying South for the winter, their leisure time and money conspicuous under the glare of the Miami sun. Signs of change are in the air, however, for Miami’s reputation... >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.01.17 Fri, by

Ang Song-Ming’s Synesthesia Rules!

Ang Song-Ming, tall and lanky, has an easy bearing, with a wry, sometimes incredulous humor that belies the precision and dedication of his work. >> Read more