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2014.11.05 Wed, by

Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy

Variously rebuked and remembered for “Uglier and Uglier” (2012), Song Ta now has his first solo show at Beijing Commune. Song Ta is an artist working humorously and unapologetically. These works are born not of a deep conceptual idea, but instead often start from a whim... >> Read more
2014.11.04 Tue, by

Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy Works-Beijing Commune

Beijing Commune is pleased to announce the opening of artist Song Ta’s first solo exhibition “Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy” at the gallery on September 30th, 2014. The exhibition will continue until November 15th, 2014. >> Read more
2013.01.18 Fri, by
2013.01.10 Thu, by

Song Ta

Born 1988 Guangdong province, lives and works in Guangzhou >> Read more
2017.05.11 Thu, by

Song Xi: My existence is the best resistance – Gallery 55

Gallery 55 is proud to present Shanghai based artist Song Xi's second solo exhibition at the gallery "My existence is the best resistance" from the 13th of May through the 4th of June 2017. >> Read more
2016.12.13 Tue, by

Song Yuanyuan
“Downstage, Upstaged”
Platform China

Song Yuanyuan’s new solo show, entitled “Downstage, Upstaged,” presented by Platform China, will be on exhibit from December 17th, 2016 to February 26th, 2017. >> Read more
2016.10.17 Mon, by

“Song of the Ancient Birds”
Tang Contemporary Art
Hong Kong

Ancient Birds” on November 25. In seven all-­‐new paintings, Ling juxtaposes or layers images from bird painting manuals held at the Forbidden City with gongbi and realist portraits of women. After being tempered by the artist's personal experience, these two seemingly disparate languages achieve immense harmony of visual expression and aesthetic sensibility. >> Read more
2016.05.15 Sun, by

SHI JIN-SONG: A Personal Design Show (Beijing Live Station)

(中文) 史金淞——“个人设计博”北京现场将于2016年5月10日下午4:00于北京798艺术区空间站开幕。 >> Read more
2015.12.30 Wed, by

The Mountain Echoes : Xue Song Solo Exhibition

Singapore, December 2015 - ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present one of the pioneer “Pop Art” artists in China – Xue Song’s solo exhibition, titled ‘ >> Read more
2015.05.19 Tue, by

SEVEN-DIAGRAM TACTICS Solo Exhibition by Song Jianshu

At the opening night of "Seven-Diagram Tactics”, curator Wang Paopao will host a live sound event of Song Jianshu’s work that will be so different from conference talks and regular opening parties. >> Read more

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