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2019.01.24 Thu, by

2019 (Spring) Research and Creation Fellowship
Call for Proposals

This year Chronus Art Center (CAC) opens its Lab for the new 3-month Research and Creation Fellowship. This program is designed to host one international artist and researcher of extraordinary talents in the area of new media art in order to conduct research and creation at Chronus Art Center (CAC), Shanghai. The 2019 Spring Research and Creation Fellowship aims to foster global exchange while advancing the discourse and practice of new media art, and contribute to CAC's research and educational mission as well as the institution's future collection. >> Read more
2017.03.04 Sat, by

Ari Benjamin Meyers “An exposition, not an exhibition”

Ari Benjamin Meyers An exposition, not an exhibition Opens March 11 It’s time to relax around new music. Lie on the floor and look up the barrel of a clarinet. Take in the sound waves of bassoon, guitar, guzheng and sheng, melodica and all the strings one could desire. Admire the dexterity of the able hands and lips of plainclothes professional musicians. Track down […] >> Read more
2017.02.27 Mon, by

Ari Benjamin Meyers
Spring Workshop

Spring Workshop announces Ari Benjamin Meyers to bring music to arts organizations across Hong Kong >> Read more
2016.12.03 Sat, by

The Asia Contemporary Art Show Returns for its10th Edition Next Spring

THE ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW RETURNS FOR ITS 10TH EDITION NEXT SPRING Unveiling Important New Features at the First Event in Hong Kong Art Week >> Read more
2016.04.26 Tue, by

Glitch City

When Thierry proposed Glitch City as the theme of this exhibition, I was thrilled; If Glitch means a trouble inside human psyche, City must be Thierry’s mind space that is full of diversity. >> Read more
2015.09.01 Tue, by

MadeIn Gallery presents – Spring Outing in Xiaogang by Zhou Zixi

MadeIn Gallery is proud to present Spring Outing in Xiaogang a solo exhibition by Zhou Zixi opening on September 6th, 2015. >> Read more
2015.08.12 Wed, by

Hong Kong’s Spring Workshop Appoints Christina Li as Director

Spring Workshop is pleased to announce Christina Li as new Director/Curator. She begins her role in August 2015 after ten years as an independent curator and writer in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. >> Read more
2015.03.03 Tue, by

Spring -Chen Ke, Liu Aijing and Zheng Dongmei- Red Gate Gallery

Red Gate Gallery is honoured to hold Spring from March 14th, 2015. >> Read more
2014.12.10 Wed, by

End of Spring: Ying Ji Solo Exhibition

Ying Ji's works focus on two things, simplicity and merge. >> Read more
2014.09.19 Fri, by

Chen Qiulin Solo Exhibition: The Empty City

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is pleased to announce the opening reception of Chen Qiulin Solo Exhibition: The Empty City on September 20th, we will present Chen Qiulin’s recent works between 2010-2014, mainly including one seven-screen video work The Empty City, as well as the related photographs, sculptures and installations. >> Read more

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