EX: 1/30/2012
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访谈, 2012.12.20 Thu, by

Flipping the Switch with Sun Dongdong

As a preview to the exhibition “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” randian 燃点 is publishing a series of conversations in the lead-up to the opening, offering insights into the concept and planning of the show, and the perspectives of participating artists. Randian Editors Iona Whittaker and Liang Shuhan meet curator Sun Dongdong.... >> Read more
访谈, 2016.04.06 Wed, by

Cai Dongdong’s “Fountain” at Klein Sun—Affinities Beyond Duchamp

Cai Dongdong’s exhibition “Fountain”, displayed on temporary zigzag walls at Klein Sun Gallery, adroitly illustrates the relationship between representation and meaning while remaining snugly contained within its theoretical vision. >> Read more
访谈, 2017.03.19 Sun, by

A Nomination Exhibition of Three RoomsInternational TouringExhibition of Young Media Artists

Chronus Art Center is pleased to present A Nomination Exhibition of Three Rooms >> Read more
访谈, 2017.02.27 Mon, by

Lu Chao | Black Box

(中文) Hadrien de Montferrand画廊非常荣幸地宣布我们将于2017年3月11日举办陆超的个展《黑匣子》,本次展览将展出陆超近期创作的十余件作品,其中包含布面油画、纸本油画及木板油画作品。 >> Read more
访谈, 2016.10.28 Fri, by

Zhan Rui: 7278/12

Gallery 55 is proud to present Wuhan based artist Zhan Rui’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai “7278/12” from the 8th of Nov. through the 4th of Dec. 2016. >> Read more
访谈, 2016.10.23 Sun, by


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming opening of Gao Ludi’s third solo exhibition at WHITE SPACE BEIJING on October 22nd. >> Read more
访谈, 2015.12.21 Mon, by

Ease: TAO Yi

We are pleased to announce that, on 20th December 2015, Tong Gallery+Projects are going to inaugurate a new exhibition “ Ease: TAO YI” , for which we have specially invited Sun Dongdong as the curator. >> Read more
访谈, 2013.10.08 Tue, by


A4 Contemporary Arts Center is pleased to invite you to attend the opening party of 2013 A4 Young Artist Experimental Season 1st Round Exhibition, at 15:00 Sat. 13rd July, 2013. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.02.16 Sat, by

ON and OFF with Wang Sishun

Iona Whittaker talks to Wang Sishun about the ON/OFF show at UCCA >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.02.11 Mon, by

Age is No Issue

In my experience, Ullens rarely opens up the entirety of its vast space for any one exhibition. But this year, Ullens has mobilized its forces to make the “ON|OFF” show one of the rare recipients of this accolade. According to the curators, “ON | OFF” is a type of VPN software (See “Flipping the Switch with Sun Dongdong”)... >> Read more

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