EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.08.15 Fri, by

The Los Angeles Project

The first comprehensive presentation in China of the art of Los Angeles brings together seven artists whose work reflects the diversity and dynamism of the city’s cultural output. >> Read more
2019.04.13 Sat, by

Ways to Get Closer to It—The Inner Flesh of Time—In the Age of Consumable Desires

In the process, you go somewhere and somelsewhere elastically, even a tiny bit. While inhabiting a ritual, one lives in and through time, via an odd interval sliced open and stitched back together. >> Read more
2018.10.23 Tue, by

Tala Madani: Corner Projections
303 Gallery
New York

Madani's work posits a world where primal desires are unrestrained by convenient norms. Her works are subsumed by light that points both outward and inward, at human instinct and upended social ritual. Paintings can be grotesque, violent, tender, obscene, and hilarious. >> Read more
2017.06.23 Fri, by

Math Bass: Serpentine Door, Yuz Project Room, Shanghai

“I’m interested in how an object can become an image of itself, and in how an image can inform an object. We are constantly negotiating our movements through space, and performing towards and around other bodies and objects. I am looking to find moments where the body appears and disappears, when it cannot be certain […] >> Read more
2017.03.12 Sun, by

‘Please fasten your seat belt as we are experiencing some turbulence’

David Kordansky Gallery and Leo Xu Projects are pleased to announce a collaborative group exhibition, >> Read more
2016.03.28 Mon, by

Yuz Project Room at Yuz Museum Enigma of Beginnings

Yuz Project Room is an independent exhibition program, which invites artists to make site-specific artworks and project >> Read more
2015.12.11 Fri, by

NIHAO, SHANGHAI! Conference Shanghai Project Inaugural Event

The Shanghai Project is a hybridized international arts festival that brings together mixed teams of culture and arts practitioners from both Shanghai and abroad and from various fields—including contemporary art, film, literature, architecture, design, performance, and education. >> Read more
2015.10.13 Tue, by

2015 Shanghai Pujiang OCT Ten Year Public Art Project Nothing for the Time Being: Zhan Wang Solo Exhibition

This installment of the Shanghai Pujiang OCT Ten Year Public Art Project, China’s longest and most influential public art project, will feature a large scale solo exhibition and 17.5 Degrees of Deviation. >> Read more
2015.03.10 Tue, by

JR “GHOSTS OF ELLIS ISLAND”, an Unframed project, short preview

Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong is pleased to present, “Ghosts of Ellis Island. >> Read more
2014.10.09 Thu, by

Projecting LA

The “Los Angeles Project” is not a thematic exhibition, and rightly so. What impressions do these shows deliver, individually and collectively, of the creative inclinations with which LA-based artists are working? >> Read more

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