EX: 1/30/2012
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Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing

“As an artist deeply committed to the practice of painting, Wehmer considers carefully its continued relevancy in examining ways of seeing. Using the painterly vocabulary of Abstract Expressionism, including complex pictorial structuring and color relationships, he explores figuration and means of representation. >> Read more
2018.06.23 Sat, by

‘Etherial Machines’
Mai 36 Galerie and Ota Fine Arts, Shanghai

Mai 36 Galerie and Ota Fine Arts Shanghai are delighted to present Ethereal Machines, a dual exhibition that brings together Chinese artist Zang Kunkun and Singapore artist Guo-Liang Tan. >> Read more
2017.09.23 Sat, by

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2017

Microwave International Arts Festival has been bringing the latestfascinations in the fusion of technology and art to Hong Kong since 1996. >> Read more
2017.08.28 Mon, by

Shen Wei
“Between Blossoms”
SinArts Gallery

“Between Blossoms is inspired by my dreams of the unknown and by the mysteries that fascinate me. >> Read more
2017.08.28 Mon, by

Dai Guangyu, Making Traces: The Arts of Participation and Refusal
Ink Studio, Beijing

Opening on September 10, 2017 at Ink Studio, Making Traces: The Arts of Participation and Refusal is the first conceptual retrospective of China’s seminal ink performance artist Dai Guangyu's performance art practice. The exhibition is curated by Maya Kóvskaya, PhD. >> Read more
2017.08.21 Mon, by

Another Shan Shui
Chelsea College of Arts, London

Wu Ke (b.1969), an established painter from China will present his unconventional creations of traditional Chinese landscape paintings to a British audience for the first time, at his forthcoming solo exhibition Another Shan Shui at Cookhouse Gallery Chelsea College of Arts this September (21st-26th). >> Read more
2017.06.06 Tue, by

Audiovisual Story,OCAT Xi’an

projects from six Xi’an-based artists; the works share the same focus on difference of awareness through seeing and hearing. These are based on the artists’ various life experience, perspectives, theories and social interest. From simply scavenging images, or reusing and repositioning symbols, the artists turn the discussion to the relation between the two acts of […] >> Read more
2016.12.06 Tue, by

65 Works Selected by James Welling: Exhibition and Sale to Benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

James Welling has selected 65 works for an exhibition and sale at David Zwirner in New York to benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA). >> Read more

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