EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.11.13 Mon, by

(中文) Art021特别项目:核心家庭

(中文) 《“核”心家庭》(Nuclear Family)是上海廿一当代艺术博览会今年推出的特别项目, >> Read more
2015.01.05 Mon, by

Best of 2014 Berlin

Abstraction is becoming the Western equivalent of the most masturbatory Literati work. Whether we call it “Zombie Formalism” (Walter Robinson) or “MFA-clever“ (Jerry Saltz), we end up bending for beige. >> Read more
2014.08.06 Wed, by

Simple Contradiction

Art movements don't always name themselves; sometimes a pithy put-down is embraced by the artists involved—the Fauvists were so named by being disparaged as wild beasts, while the term “Impressionism” comes to us from a critic's sarcastic remark. As far as pejorative appellations go, it's hard to beat "Zombie Formalism"... >> Read more
Think, 2016.12.02 Fri, by

Telofossils, Network Hybridity, and the Politics of Pleasure in Speculative Realism

For a world that we cannot perceive, what does it matter whether it exists or not? Perhaps you can further demonstrate that, though an autonomous world is imperceptible, it can still think for us. Yet in this sense, such a world becomes one stipulated by human thought, and ultimately cannot escape the fundamental relationship between thinking and being. >> Read more