EX: 1/30/2012
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2019.03.09 Sat, by

Remapping Reality—Selected Video Collection from Wang Bing
OCAT Shanghai

"Remapping Reality" marks the first comprehensive presentation of Wang Bing’s collection of Chinese video art from the post-Olympic era. >> Read more
2018.03.17 Sat, by

FENG BINGYI ‘Fool’s Gold’
WANG JUN ‘Sphere’
A Thousand Plateaus, Chengdu

Feng Bingyi’s creation is constructing a world that belongs to herself with her great courage. >> Read more
2017.06.17 Sat, by

Wang Wei & Ko Sin Tung press preview – Edouard Malingue Gallery Shanghai

As a conceptual tool devised for this exhibition, “Mimeticism” differs from Realismin that, while the latter embraces countless possible denitions and means ofrealisation, >> Read more
2016.11.04 Fri, by

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art – Hao Liang: Eight Views of Xiaoxiang & New Directions: Wang Haiyang

From 4 November 2016 to 8 January 2017, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) presents “Hao Liang: Eight Views of Xiaoxiang” in the Central Gallery. >> Read more
2015.07.13 Mon, by

WANG Yuyang:Tonight I shall mediate on that which I am | Long Museum, West Bund

The Long Museum is pleased to announce WANG Yuyang: Tonight I shall mediate on that which I am, a major exhibition of sculptures, installations, paintings and performances by WANG Yuyang, organized by New York based curator ZHANG Ga. >> Read more
2015.04.30 Thu, by

Begging to Differ: Two Critics on Wang Jianwei’s “Time Temple”

It can happen that exhibition reviews are worth reading not only in relation to the show in question, but also—or more so—when pitted against each other. >> Read more
2015.02.13 Fri, by

Bingyi: Intensive/Extensive

Ink Studio is pleased to announce the opening of Bingyi’s first major solo exhibition in China Intensive/Extensive on March 21, 2015. >> Read more
2014.01.29 Wed, by

Xu Bing: A Retrospective

In January 2014 Taipei Fine Arts Museum presents Xu Bing: A Retrospective, curated by Taiwanese curator and art critic Chia Chi Jason Wang. >> Read more
2014.01.28 Tue, by

“Xu Bing: A Retrospective” opens in Taipei

January 25th saw the opening at Taipei Fine Arts Museum of a retrospective by Xu Bing.
>> Read more
2014.01.09 Thu, by

Guanshan Gathering——Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling

This collaboration between the influential scholar, curator and artist Zheng Shengtian and the highly regarded calligrapher Wang Donglin is the first time that they have worked together although they have formed close ties through their long-standing affiliation with the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. >> Read more

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