EX: 1/30/2012
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2019.03.14 Thu, by

Wu Di
OCAT Xi’an

If you cannot place the artist Wu Di together with an immediate image of her art, it is not because she is a new artist or because you have not seen her work. >> Read more
2017.10.09 Mon, by

Tao Hui: Not at All, OCAT Xi’an

Tao Hui, nominee for the 2017 Hugo Boss Asia Art Award, is the author of an acclaimed body of short film works, which focus largely on themes of popular culture, individual identity and perception. Tao Hui’s approach is to create scenes in which some aspect of reality is exaggerated, or distilled into a metaphoric form. […] >> Read more
2017.10.09 Mon, by

Wang Chao: Transition, OCAT Xi’an

Transition is a space constructed by strokes, the original element. Wang Chao deploys this traditional methodology to highlight the essential transitions that occur within the ink itself in the process of painting, which engender this content through the deployment of its immanent antagonisms, deadlocks and inconsistencies. By means of its interwoven structure, the physical changes that […] >> Read more
2017.10.09 Mon, by

Wang Haiyang: By Himself, OCAT Xi’an

Wang Haiyang is known for exploring the surreal nature of the unconscious mind; the stuff of dreams, which for some are our truest response to reality. Visually, compared with the clear shape of academic realism that characterized Wang Haiyang’s early animations, his new works are almost entirely abstract. For reasons that are explained in the […] >> Read more
2017.10.09 Mon, by

Jian-Jun Zhang: Between Then and Now, OCAT Xi’an

Shanghai-born, now New York-based conceptual artist Jian-Jun Zhang began working with historic artifacts in the mid-1990s. The work of past artists has always worked to inspire later generations, but as the twentieth-century drew to a close, contemporary artists no longer sought to extend the ideas of masters who had gone before them. Instead, they turned […] >> Read more
2016.09.21 Wed, by

Portrait of Xi’an 2: “Resonance” – OCAT Xi’an

For this photo-focused project, OCAT Xi'an invited the Shanghai- based British photographer Liz Hingley to bring her eye to creating a portrait of Xi'an today >> Read more
2016.09.21 Wed, by

OCAT Xi’an – “Each to His Own: Li Wendong, Wei Xingye Collection Exhibition”

In recent years the art world has become increasingly dominated by taste. >> Read more
2016.06.17 Fri, by

OCAT Xi’an 2016 Summer Exhibitions

The summer exhibition presents three projects from artists each exploring an artistic and historic link to Xi’an in terms of culture and heritage. “Felt”, the centrepiece of the summer exhibition, presents news works by Beijing-based abstract artist Aniwar. >> Read more
2016.04.28 Thu, by
2016.04.28 Thu, by

OCAT Xi’an 2016 Spring Exhibitions – Art to Me

Yue Yang was born in Xinjiang in 1981. She graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Art, >> Read more

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