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Pulse Reaction II — Discussionson Reality and Realism

Continuing in the model of Pulse Reaction I of providing a platform for the exchange of ideas between Chinese contemporary art practitioners, >> Read more
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Drunken Pleasure Cruise

These are truths, affirmations, stated or not, that are felt but not proved. >> Read more
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PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2016

Third edition of PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai runs September 9 - 11 at Shanghai Exhibition Center >> Read more
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Winners of the 2015 “Emerging Curators Program” at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art

Each of the winning teams will receive 330 000 RMB [approx. 53100 USD] to execute their curatorial proposals.
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SNAP (SVA-NYC Art Platform) is proud to announce its’ first group exhibition, Resolution, from 2014.12.31 to 2015.01.30. >> Read more
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Seven Days in Shanghai

This fall, Shanghai’s profusion of events made it almost seem like the central hub of contemporary art in China. Here is an overview of what happened—with more coverage to come later. 
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Winners announced for the 1st IAAC Art Criticism Awards

The winners of the 1st edition of the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC) were announced on November 24 at the newly opened Shanghai Minsheng 21C Museum.  
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The Impulse to Scribble: On Liu Chuang’s “Love Story”

2nd prize winner of the 1st edition of the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC), Zhang Hanlu's essay >> Read more
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V ART CENTER____ in the Room

Jocelyn Allen, Julie Bentley, Geoff Buono, Xiaoyi Chen, Jisun Choi, Imogen Freeland, Debbie Harman, Sarah Janes, Betty Ketchedjian, Yukihito Kono, Karina Lax, Wenting Liu , Mels van der Mede, Zaynab Omotoyosi Odunsi, Yifan Qian , Alessandra Rinaudo, Veronique Rolland, Emilie Sandy, Ian Samels, Paloma Tendero, Tessa Williams, Zhanglu >> Read more