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Liu Xi’s Paradox

Echoes of the transgressive works of the early 2000s resound in the ceramics practice of Liu Xi (b.1986, Zibo, Shandong). Liu’s frank exploration of gender and sexuality is courageous. >> Read more
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PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai: Decent Impact, Despite Weak Sales

Photofairs may be selling more ideas than artwork, and if the attendance of talks is any indication, the public seem to be eagerly absorbing it. >> Read more
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The Fantasy Factory: New Works by Ye Hongxing – Art+ Shanghai Gallery

Contemporary China exists in a state of fantasy, and artist Ye Hongxing is no exception. >> Read more
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Life for Huang Zhiyang

"The Phenomenology of Life: Chapters in a Course of Study” at the National Museum of China was the latest major exhibition by Taiwanese artist Huang Zhiyang. In this profile, he relates his experience of becoming an artist, and his continuing journey into self-expression and understanding... >> Read more
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Here There Are Men: Patrick Wack’s Portraits of China

Among the extremes of China there are wide fields of farmland, treacherous mountains, stark plains, thrown-together cities and cutting-edge cosmopolises. And there are men. Patrick Wack’s solo exhibition Here There Are Men features twelve of his latest photographic portraits from various locations in China. >> Read more