EX: 1/30/2012
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Artist profiles, 2020.11.03 Tue, by

Võ An Khánh – When Documentary Photographs Are No Longer Mementos

Whereas abundant journalistic snapshots tend to collect spectacles of ghastly pain and fortify demarcations between utterly simplified factions, Võ’s most haunting pictures unveil encounters, precarious and transient. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.06.17 Sun, by

Infrastructural Territory—
The Spatial Foundation of National Discourse
OCAT Shanghai

Infrastructural Territory: The Spatial Foundation of National Discourse, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.03.16 Wed, by

Cheng Ran: Found Stories, Lost Endings

Unlike the projection ex nihilo that installation artists who prominently use video like Guido van der Werve or Philippe Parreno have advocated, Cheng never works from scratch and always gives credit where it’s due... >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.01.09 Thu, by

Found for the Future?

This exhibition aimed to puncture the sanguine spirit of the Singapore Biennale. Seldom does one have the opportunity to see the distinctive contemporary art from Central Asia, and this show only whets one’s desire to see more of it. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2019.12.19 Thu, by

Matti Braun
Ku Lak
Esther Schipper, Berlin

Esther Schipper is pleased to announce Ku Lak, Matti Braun’s sixth solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will include 16 works from a new series of silk paintings and approximately 25 new glass works, the latter presented on three circular plinths designed by the artist. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.11.02 Thu, by

New Pleasure
Simon Lee Gallery, New York

The advent of the home studio in the 1970’s democratized both music and art, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.10.19 Thu, by

Christian Marclay, “SCREAMS”, White Cube Hong Kong

White Cube is pleased to present new work by Christian Marclay. This exhibition, his first in Hong Kong, includes a series of unique, large-scale woodcut prints that explore the physical and cultural intersection of sound and vision, reflecting the artist’s ongoing interest in the sonic perception of still images. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.05.09 Mon, by

Robert Rauschenberg
de Sarthe Gallery
Hong Kong

de Sarthe Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Robert Rauschenberg in Hong Kong from May 26th to July 2nd 2016, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.09.08 Tue, by

Para Site presents A Luxury We Cannot Afford

An essay reflecting on the formation, development, and paradoxes of ideology in Singapore as a statist “capitalist democracy”. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.06.13 Thu, by

You Build Us Up and Then You Tear Us Down: Eric Tabuchi’s “Monument to Progress”

Monumental architecture is simple. Its strict geometries of circles, squares and triangles; its complex arches or layers; or its great mass or height simply demand attention. But can a renowned building lose its esteemed position? >> Read more

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