EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.06.30 Sat, by

Frame of the Images;
Boundary of the Time
Condo Shanghai
A+ Contemporary, Shanghai

A+ Contemporary is pleased to host Mexico City and Mérida-based gallery joségarcía ,mx for the exhibition Frame of the Images; >> Read more
2017.08.16 Wed, by

McaM – 500 METERS- Kafka, Great Wall, Daily Heroism and Images from An Unreal World

From the beginning of the theater project 500 METERS: Kafka, Great Wall, Daily Heroism and Images from An Unreal World >> Read more
2017.06.07 Wed, by

On Site Impromptus: Dance and Moving Images in Daily Space

Aimed at promoting contemporary art practices with a focus on performance art, after exhibition 30 Years of Experimental Theatre in 2015, McaM continues exploring the boundaries and possibilities between contemporary theatre and other related fiels. >> Read more
2017.05.18 Thu, by

Disturbing Beauty. An International Moving Images Collection Presented by Mr. Fei Jun

The screening program is presented by Mr. Fei Jun, Mrs. Margarita Aizpuru, and it is curated by Susana Sanz with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Government of Spain and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). >> Read more
2016.11.02 Wed, by


The ARRÊT SUR IMAGES auction is a charity auction (exhibition 3-7 December 2016 in Paris,www.auctioneve.com)) to support a Chinese contemporary artist prize and residency. >> Read more
2016.04.30 Sat, by

Images of Reality

Galerie Huit cordially invites you to the private view of 'Images of Reality', the Hong Kong solo debut exhibition by Vienna based Iranian artist, Mehrdad Sadri. >> Read more
2016.03.24 Thu, by

HIVE-BECOMING XVII The Moving Images: Liu Guoqiang Solo Exhibition

Hive Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of "The Moving Images: Liu Guoqiang Solo Exhibition" >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.04.28 Tue, by

Moving Images: Dr. Michael I. Jacobs’s Collection

Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, a practicing dermatologist and Associate Professor at the Weill Medical College at Cornell University in New York, is also an avid art collector, including a collection of some 43 Chinese video pieces... >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.03.12 Thu, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015: New York gallery preview images

Randian asked New York-based galleries to choose one work from what they will bring to Art Basel Hong Kong this year, and to tell us why. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.02.11 Wed, by

Moving Images

Mobile M+: Moving Images is M+’s first moving image focused project and a part of the museum’s ongoing pre-opening public programme series Mobile M+. This multi-site project features a thematic screening programme and a two-part exhibition, which includes a selection of works from the museum’s growing moving image collection. Inspired by the multiple connotations of […] >> Read more

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