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2017.11.14 Tue, by

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring 2018
Contemporary Ink Art Sale, Invitation to consign

Contemporary ink art at Sotheby’s brings together artists from around the world, inspired by ink’s infinite possibilities. Today, ink is not just a medium; it encapsulates a rich aesthetic tradition of technique, innovation and discernment. The geographical boundaries and formal definitions are increasingly blurred, and this emerging category broadens the contemporary art market with outstanding works that draw on such a rich medium. >> Read more
2014.03.13 Thu, by

Met Ink Art Show Falls Flat

Credit must be given to the Met, as the exhibition’s wide selection of works allows many unfamiliar Chinese names exposure on an institutional level in the West. Nonetheless, this raises a side issue as well—some of the works exhibited have little relevance to the themes they serve and thus the exhibition sometimes wanders off topic. >> Read more
Think, 2014.01.30 Thu, by

Reining in Ink Art: Revivalism in the Year of the Serpent

Much as the Beijing winter has been very mild this year, overall, the art of the past year has also felt rather milder and more sentimental from previous years. Let us then explore the production and exhibition of this “old” contemporary art in the contemporary Chinese art world. >> Read more
Think, 2013.07.09 Tue, by

Illusion/Image — Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series I

(中文) 作为蜂巢当代艺术中心2013年度有关当代水墨主题的系列大型展览项目之一,著名学者沈揆一策划的“幻象:中国当代水墨大展Ⅰ”,试图对中国当代水墨创作领域中富有探索创新精神的群体及其实践活动,作一次归纳性的梳理与呈现, >> Read more
Think, 2013.04.10 Wed, by

“The Shape of Journeys” Ink Art Exhibition by Zhang Hao

Hanart TZ Gallery presents important calligraphy/ink artist Zhang Hao in April, opening Tuesday 9th April 2013. >> Read more
Think, 2012.12.10 Mon, by

TALK: M+ Matter:Histories and Individual Practices of Contemporary Ink Art

“Histories and Individual Practices of Contemporary Ink Art” is a public symposium that explores the discourse of ink art in artistic experimentation from the ’85 Art New Wave period to the present. Featuring presentations by leading scholar and curator, Martina Kӧppel-Yang; artists Yang Jiechang and Qiu Zhijie; and moderated by Pi Li, Sigg Senior Curator […] >> Read more
Think, 2012.11.01 Thu, by

Song of the Siren: Contemporary Ink Art

Song of the Siren explores the complex diversity of contemporary ink landscapes highlighting distinctive practices that communicate nature’s scenery via metaphor and realism. >> Read more
Think, 2018.11.22 Thu, by

“As We May Think, Feedforward”, The 6th Guangzhou Triennial 2018, Guangdong Museum of Art

Titled As We May Think, Feedforward, extending this seminal text’s far-reaching ramifications into the artistic domain as a way to reflect on the trajectories of technological advances and their reverberations throughout the social sphere over the past decades, the 6th edition of Guangzhou Triennial seeks to address the multiple implications engendered by such a technologically constructed time-space - in the real and through the virtual - by examining creative endeavors both from geographical purviews and from cosmic prospects in responding to the challenges and opportunities at stake and to think, once again, through a new alliance of visions by humans and nonhumans alike, machines and flesh with equal footing, organic and inorganic hand in hand, an alternative outlook for a new possibility of ecology whereby a retooled humanism may thrive in a Parliament of Things (to borrow a term from Bruno Latour) in symbiosis and reciprocity. >> Read more
Think, 2018.06.01 Fri, by

Marina Pinksy
‘Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More’
Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art.

The title, Everything Was Forever, Until it Was No More, is borrowed from Alexei Yurchak’s book of the same name. Yurchak discusses the collapse of the Soviet Union and one particular characteristic that defined it: the sense that although the Soviet system was felt to be permanent and immutable, its demise was at the same time perceived as completely natural. >> Read more
Think, 2017.09.06 Wed, by

UOB Art in Ink Award – Apply Now, Closing Soon

Committed to art education and the development of the local cultural landscape, UOB Art Academy is proud to launch the UOB Art in Ink Award. >> Read more

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