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2016.05.18 Wed, by

Chen Xiaoyun: “106 Flashes of Lightning That I Collect”

On view will be a series of works created in 2016, including sculptures, installations and videos. >> Read more
2021.02.18 Thu, by

Will Thurman ‘Life Paintings, Volume 1: 2015-2020’
Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City

by Quyen Hoang Will Thurman ‘Life Paintings, Volume 1: 2015-2020’ Galerie Quỳnh (118 Đường Nguyễn Văn Thủ, Đa Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) Oct. 20­ – Dec.12, 2020 In this fervent age of over-exposure on social media, mystery is a rare commodity. Will Thurman’s solo exhibition presents an intriguing scenario by requesting its visitors to leave their phones […] >> Read more
2020.04.23 Thu, by

Zhang Peili “The Annual Report of OCD”
Rén Space, Shanghai

This exhibition puts the artist on display, literally. From the inside out. You may never again have an opportunity to see so much of one individual laid bare before your eyes all at one time. >> Read more
2018.03.16 Fri, by

Andrew & Lingling Ruff – Shanghai collectors

Amidst the proliferation of private art museums in Shanghai and around China, smaller collector spaces are also opening with more modest but also more focused ambitions. Influential Shanghai collectors, Andrew and Lingling Ruff, opened 166 Art Space in late 2017. Its third show, curated by Josef Ng, opens this month. Ran Dian: Andrew, what brought […] >> Read more
2018.01.23 Tue, by

Diary of a Pioneer
de Sarthe Gallery

de Sarthe Gallery is pleased to announce Liang Ban's second solo exhibition with the gallery, Diary of a Pioneer. >> Read more
Extra, 2017.08.25 Fri, by

Dear ______

I took a long while writing this letter. I have been making changes to it, and it has been making changes to me. Meeting up with a few friends yesterday, the words I uttered gradually became the words I wrote to you in this letter. Sometimes I don’t know who is really in charge, my words or me. >> Read more
Extra, 2017.07.19 Wed, by

Chen Chun-Hao: Reflections of Shangri-La in the Mosquito Nail Landscape

for Chen Chun-Hao, his innovation in media, form, and texture through substitution and amalgamation is informed by “unlikeness in likeness; likeness in unlikeness,” so that the visually unexpected sculptural qualities and the optical illusion they render, together achieve a reasoned liberation in his work. >> Read more
Extra, 2017.05.18 Thu, by

Zach Harris “Purple Cloud”

Perrotin Paris is proud to present “Purple Cloud”, Zach Harris’s debut exhibition outside the United States and his first with the gallery. Harris’s practice synthesizes many art-historical references and is highly inspired by European pictorial tradition, making the presentation of his work in France particularly significant. Harris’ work is included in several public collections, including […] >> Read more
Extra, 2016.12.29 Thu, by

Head Without Brain – Vanguard Gallery

From 1987, the year Internet entered China, it’s less than 10 years since the civil Internet information’s explosion occurred. >> Read more
Extra, 2016.11.08 Tue, by


THE HAIRDRESSER Artist: Guo Qiang Opening: 2016.11.05 16:00 Duration: 2016.11.05–12.18 The owner of a hair salon has a Golden Lion haircut. Once Ao Peng and I came across the hair salon and saw the owner’s haircut, and Ao Peng said, this is fit for the role of a monster. The boss heard this, of course, […] >> Read more

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