EX: 1/30/2012
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2020.06.07 Sun, by

A walk in the garden of two art collectors on La Palma

by r/e collection Continuing our series on going for a walk, this week we visit La Palma, home of two collectors who have lived in America, Germany and Spain but now live on the Canary Islands off the north west coast of Africa. La Palma was a regular holiday destination for numerous members of the […] >> Read more
2018.02.06 Tue, by

Station Paradox

This exhibition is a dialogue between artists from Korea and from Berlin working with painting, video art, installation, and performance. >> Read more
2017.11.08 Wed, by

Deutschland 8: Curating in Bulk

Deutschland 8 is an exhibition project spanning seven locations in Beijing that—so the organizers claim—comprehensively presents the entire development of art in Germany from 1945 up to now. But which Germany? >> Read more
2017.03.19 Sun, by

Call for Applications: City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media

The MFACM emphasizes the integration of contemporary art, culture and technology. >> Read more
2017.02.20 Mon, by

Open Call: MFA in Creative Media and MA in Creative Media (with streams in Curating Art & Media, and Media Cultures)

The MFACM emphasizes the integration of contemporary art, culture and technology. It provides intensive and advanced training in digital audiovisual media and culture, animation, computer graphics, film/video production, interactive media and new media art. >> Read more
2015.12.11 Fri, by

Truth or Fiction? Does It Matter?
Walid Raad at MoMA

Raad’s works never seem to fully convey information; rather, they are a curious combination of truth and fiction (and it’s never really clear just what is truth and what fiction) presented as taxonomy of events, an archive of remnants, or a collection of objects... >> Read more
2014.10.30 Thu, by

Istanbul: Contemporary Art

Visitors to Istanbul may be forgiven if contemporary art isn't high on their agenda. After all, historic sites abound. But in fact Istanbul has seen an art boom of sorts, with new museums, spaces, and galleries mushrooming along with the booming economy over the last decade or so... >> Read more
访谈, 2014.03.26 Wed, by

“My job is to develop new perceptions of Chinese art”—Interview with Art Paris Director Guillaume Piens

On the eve of Art Paris 2014, Randian gives you Yu Hsiao-hwei in conversation with fair Director Guillaume Piens on choosing China as this year's Guest of Honor. >> Read more
访谈, 2013.12.03 Tue, by

Re-discovering Zeng Fanzhi in Paris

He taps into a common sense of isolation which surpasses the boundaries of nations, culture, language, and ethnicity. The artist creates a window into the current state of Chinese society, and in some ways even affirms many Western preconceptions about China. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.05.10 Fri, by

Kadist Art Foundation – Zhou Tao

Zhou Tao "I was interested in the way people arrange and organize their living environment. Parisians and Europeans share different notions of gardens and landscapes with [sic] the ones we have in China. Once you enter in a Chinese garden you tend to disappear." >> Read more