EX: 1/30/2012
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Artist profiles, 2014.03.25 Tue, by

Utopian Metropolis or Zombie Necropolis?—Filming “Haze and Fog”

From the serious to humorous, the voyeuristic to observed, the real to the imagined, “Haze and Fog” (2013) presents another collective identity of China today by commenting on the rapid construction of the contemporary metropolis... >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.05.21 Tue, by

Inflating an Audience in West Kowloon

One of the core genre tools often deployed for exhibitions intended to invite public participation is, of course, participatory art. “Inflation!” wisely steers away from anything knotty and relational, instead opting for a more literal form of visitor-work interaction that also makes space for unorthodox relationships between visitors. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.03.13 Thu, by

China Focus—Cramped for Space at the Armory

It was difficult, at times, to keep track of everything on offer; particularly chaotic was the China Focus section which, despite the amount of hoopla that surrounded it in the run up to the fair, was squeezed into a small back section.
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Artist profiles, 2012.06.15 Fri, by

In Absentia: Gu Dexin

“The Important Thing is Not the Meat” must be one of the most keenly anticipated Chinese shows of 2012. It is a grand exhibition not only by virtue of looking back over the career of Gu Dexin — very arguably China’s greatest conceptual artist thus far — but also because Gu himself has, to all accounts, quit art... >> Read more