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2016 IACSS Summer School (Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2016)


Targeting post-graduate students / young faculties, the overall theme will cover the diverse sociohistorical contexts in which thinking about creativity in relation to social movements (“aesthetics and politics” in the first half of the twentieth century) has mattered to both theory and practice. We will also consider the various forms of contemporary activism, and their conjunctures with cultural and aesthetic transformations of various kinds in inter-asia. The programme will include 10 full-day themed coursework with a combination of lecture presentations and more informal as well as small group discussions, plus field-trips or visits on 2 or 3 days during the weekends.

Theme: Creativity and Social Movements

Venue: Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Time: JUNE 21 – JULY 5, 2016

Local Organizers: L

ingnan University Kwan Fong Cultural Research & Development Programme, Master of Cultural Studies, Department of Cultural Studies

Directors: Prof Stephen Chan, Prof Meaghan Morris

· Meaghan Morris (University of Sydney)
· Chua Beng Huat (National University of Singapore)
· Ashish Rajadhyaksha (Centre for the Study of Culture & Society, Bangalore)
· Po-Keung Hui (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
· Chiyo Wakabayashi (Okinawa University)
· Xiaoming Wang (Shanghai University)
· Wondam Paik (Sungkonghoe University, Soeul)
· Madhuja Mukherjee (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
· Melani Budianta (University of Indonesia, Jakarta)
· Helen Grace (University of Sydney, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
· And more …

Languge: English

School fees: USD$200/student, including shared campus hostel accommodation (2 person per room, June 20th check-in, July 6th check-out), welcome dinner, lunches (on class days), and transportation for most off-campus activities. Limited financial assistance is available for those in need.

Important time lines:
• Application deadline – Jan 31, 2016
• Acceptance announcement – Feb 22, 2016
• Deadline of offer confirmation by students – Apr15, 2016

Application Procedure: Please provide the following information in your application form and send it to the IACSS Society Office by email iacss@ln.edu.hk before January 31, 2016.