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5th CCAA Critics Award: Seeking Applications

Applications open for CCAA Critics Award

Deadline: September 15, 2015


Applicants must live and work principally in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan); applicants must also have persistently engaged in independent critical work in the field of contemporary Chinese art.


The winner will receive 10 000 Euros as research expense in order to complete a proposal for an independent piece of research within 1–2 years; the final text will be published in English and Chinese.


The proposal must never have been published; it must deeply reflect on the conditions revolving around contemporary Chinese art; it must be independent and creative in its analysis and criticism.


The jury will be announced in August. The jury will be made up of five members coming from different professional institutions nationally and internationally.


1. Download and fill out the form. (link:

2. Submit the proposal for research text (3000 characters in Chinese or 1500 words in English; or else both English and Chinese).

3. CV in English and Chinese

4. Previous texts of criticism

5. Previous publications (the publications will be collected into the CCAA Archives).

(Note: please send items 1 to 4 by email to awards@ccaachina.org. Please mail item 5 to the CCAA office).

Mailing address:

T+86 10 80414817


43 Rixin Lu, Xitian Gezhuang Cun, Shayu, Shunyi, Beijing 101318

T+86 10 80414817


Zhao Na 赵纳 M \ 86 132-6905-8903 E \ zhaona@ccaachina.org
Ling Meng 凌濛 M \ 86 185-1393-3871 E \ lingmeng@ccaachina.org

About Chinese Contemporary Art Award(CCAA)

CCAA was established in 1998 by Dr. Uli Sigg, the leading collector of Chinese contemporary art. Designed as an independent, non-profit entity, the CCAA’s purpose is to give awards to Chinese artists and art critics who show outstanding achievement in artistic creation, analysis and critique.

First awarded in 1998, and then announced in two-year intervals, the CCAA has since become an institution of particular significance for the Chinese art scene, with CCAA winners becoming well recognized on both a domestic and international level. CCAA has widely promoted Chinese contemporary art internationally and built a bridge between the Chinese artists and the international art world at a time when contemporary art was largely an underground phenomenon in China. Essential for the success of CCAA are the high profiled jury members and the CCAA directors – international and Chinese in equal number – who have then worked into their own projects much of what they saw in the jury meetings.

To further balance market forces and educate a rapidly growing audience that casts an eye on or is willing to invest in Chinese contemporary art, stronger institutional support is essential. One such ingredient in any developing art operating system is independent analysis and critique. To bring that issue more into public focus, the biennial CCAA Art Critic Award has been established in 2007.

In the past fifteen years, CCAA has invited more than 60 influential domestic and international jury members who selected 19 artists and five critics among thousands of candidates. The winners of these awards are provided with a mix of prizes and production budget. CCAA also has published 13 books and curated three exhibitions for these selected winners.