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Second Edition of INK ASIA
Features Strong line-up of Galleries and Almost 100 Artists

[Press Release]

INK ASIA, the first-ever art fair devoted to contemporary ink, returns to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for its second edition from 16-18 December 2016, with a Private Preview and Vernissage on 15 December. As the hub of art business in Asia, Hong Kong is the best place to establish an art fair specialising in modern and contemporary ink art, heralding a new era of ink. Ink Asia 2016 will present exquisite ink works in a variety of media, as well as a series of academic lectures by renowned experts and artists.

Building on a successful debut

The first edition of INK ASIA in December 2015 offered a variety of perspectives for appreciating ink art, allowing collectors, critics, scholars, the media and art lovers to appreciate the boundless possibilities of contemporary ink art with an open mind. INK ASIA 2015 attracted approximately 10,000 visitors in four days. Most galleries were pleased with sales.

The second edition will build on this excellent start, showcasing some 1,000 works of contemporary ink art in various media.

Strong line-up of 50 participating galleries

Ink Asia 2016 will host 50 leading international galleries and academic institutions from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, presenting works in a variety of media related to ink art, from traditional through to contemporary. This year, the fair has attracted new international galleries: from Hong Kong – Pearl Lam Galleries, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery and Galerie Ora-Ora; from Beijing – Ink Studio and Amy Li Gallery; also, Whitestone Gallery from Tokyo, Space Namu from Seoul, and Rossi & Rossi from London and Hong Kong. Three renowned Taiwanese galleries in the Taiwan Pavilion are not to be missed: Xizhitang Gallery, My Humble House Art Gallery and Jia Art Gallery. And the returning Taiwanese galleries include Loftyart Gallery, Capital Art Center and Da Xiang Art Space. Returning Hong Kong galleries include 3812 Gallery, Hanart TZ Gallery, Alisan Fine Arts, Grotto Fine Art, Rong Bao Zai (Hong Kong) Ltd. and Rasti Chinese Art.

100 Ink Artists from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
INK ASIA features almost 100 outstanding artists from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. From Mainland China, there are works by Wang Huangsheng, the Director of Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts; Wang Tiande, Pan Gongkai, Zhang Yu Lan Zhenghui, among others. Leading Taiwanese artists include Li Yihong, Liu Kuo-sung who is known as “the father of ink art” and his students Chiang Li-hsiang, Wu Pui-wah and Hsu Hsiu-lan. Hong Kong artists, Leung Kui Ting, Chu Hing Wah, Wong Hau Kwei, Raymond Fung Wing Kee, Chan Kan Tin and Water Poon will also attend the fair. INK ASIA has become the best platform for the ink artists from over the world.

China Pavilion: Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy

INK ASIA has proudly invited renowned curator, Dr Xia kejun, to curate the China Pavilion: Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy. The exhibition will explore the transformation from traditional brush strokes to contemporary calligraphy, and from being a calligrapher to being an artist. Through the exhibition at INK ASIA, Dr Xia aims to give an academic presentation tracing this transformation of ink art over the past 30 years in Mainland China. Five artists have been selected: Gu Weida, a pioneer of contemporary calligraphy; Wang Dongling, famous on his “Messy Calligraphy (Luanshu)” style; Chen Guangwu, who uses punctuation marks and Chinese key characters in his works; Jin Feng, who specialises in making Chinese characters lively by reinventing transitional grass scripts; and Zhang Hao, who creates his unique “Paint Brush Thoughts” to record his emotions.

Taiwan Pavilion: Exceptional Ink Art – Transitional Innovation in the Future Past

In the 1960s, ink art in Taiwan was modernised and abstract ink began to develop. The artist Liu Kuo-sung and his The Fifth Moon Group advocated a revolutionary idea: “Remove the paint brush”. At that time artists broke away from traditional materials and forms, combining Western Abstract Expressionism into their artworks. In the meantime, there was another group of artists, positioned in between the masters and new ink artists, who created ink art based on their personal life experience and exploration of non-traditional ink.

The academic host of the Taiwan Pavilion at INK ASIA 2016, Kao Chien Hui, says, “Yuan Jai, Lee Yi-Hong and Yu Chengyao all studied in Taiwan after 1949. They inherited and respected the literati painting of the masters; yet enlightened future generations with their innovative work.”

Ink+: The Concept, Interaction, Performance, Installation and Technology of Contemporary Ink

To inspire innovation and broaden the artistic vision of ink art, 18 artists from Hong Kong, China and overseas have been invited to exhibit their alternative ink works in a special programme ‘Ink+’ organized by INK ASIA 2016. These artists all ingeniously interpret ink elements and ideas into inventive contemporary works that still contain the essence of literati art but employ refreshing and non-traditional media. Their works include videos, new media, installations, ceramics and sculptures. Curator Eric Leung explains, “‘Ink+’ aims to explore the boundless possibilities of ink art by presenting a wide range of inspired cutting edge experiments.”

The participating artists are Dai Yun, Angel Hui Hoi Kiu, Hung Keung, Kum Chi Keung, Jaffa Lam Laam, Lam Yau Sum, Jess Lau Ching Wa, Ross Lewis, Li Tingting, Lie Fhung, Lu Zhengyuan, Mok Yat San, Cindy Ng Sio Ieng, Pan Fan, Tang Bohua, Johnson Tsang Cheung Shing, Wong Chung Yu and Wayne Wong Wing Chun.

Education Programme: Dialogues on Ink, presented by The Ink Society

The Ink Society is the Education Partner of INK ASIA 2016 for the second year and will present an academic programme, “Dialogues on Ink” at the fair. Collaborating with well-known galleries and academic institutions from Hong Kong, Greater China and overseas, the Dialogues will invite famous ink artists, scholars, gallery directors, museum curators and fair directors to hold a series of discussions moderated by ink art experts. The programme will feature debates on important issues including ink development, collection reviews, market trends and cultural heritage, as well as conversations about ink art between people from different sectors and backgrounds. Meanwhile, INK ASIA 2016 will also host three further lectures hosted by renowned in experts and artists.

The Director of INK ASIA 2016, Mr. Calvin Hui said, “INK ASIA is a professional and open platform for art exchange and art trade. A host of artists, museums, art institutions, galleries, collectors and foundations will join us at the fair, to exchange views, discover our cultural heritage, and explore the spirit of ink art. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to discuss current and future trends of ink art, and understand the global view, including similarities and differences of cultural values between East and West, opening up new possibilities for the art market.”

Please visit www.inkasiahk.com as well as WeChat Inkasiahk.com and Facebook zh-hk.facebook.com/inkasiahk for updates of highlights and news about the fair.

Fair information

Dates and times

VIP preview (by invitation only) 15 December 2016 (Thursday) 4-6pm

Vernissage (by invitation only) 15 December 2016 (Thursday) 6-9pm

Open to public 16-17 December 2016 (Friday to Saturday) 11am-8pm
18 December 2016 (Sunday) 11am-6pm

Venue: Hall 3G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Fair Organiser

Art & Antique International Fair Ltd (AAIF) is a recognised art fair organiser based in Hong Kong. The company was established in 2005 to stage Fine Art Asia (www.fineartasia.com), now acknowledged as Asia’s leading international fine art fair. In 2013 the company engaged in a ground-breaking partnership with Masterpiece London and in 2014, the fair made its successful debut in Beijing with the first edition of GFAA – Guardian Fine Art Asia. In 2015 AAIF added INK ASIA to its portfolio.

AAIF has unrivalled local knowledge and connections, professional expertise in logistic services and mounting an effective marketing campaign, as well as experience in presenting a professional art fair of outstanding quality and elegance.