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SGA reopens at Three on the Bund Shanghai this September 2019 with new gallery model

SHANGHAI, Friday September 6, 2019

Three on the Bund announces the reopening of one of Shanghai’s oldest and most renowned contemporary galleries. Originally launched in 2004, the gallery will reopen on September 20th.

Marking its departure from the traditional model of a private gallery the space formerly known as Shanghai Gallery of Art is now simply called SGA.

SGA – an open platform for contemporary art

SGA is a new model for art production and exhibition. Working with local and international partners, SGA instigates, develops and realises cross-cultural projects for contemporary art with leading artists, institutions and international private galleries.

An open platform for exhibitions, collaborations and curatorial projects, SGA is an agent of expanding engagement between art and the wider public, connecting and contextualising the art of China and South East Asia with the wider international art worlds. Our objective is to decompartmentalise the art world through situating local understanding within global conversations.

To drive this new direction, nrm. partners have been appointed Artistic Director of SGA. Led by Josef Ng, Andrew Ruff and Christopher Moore, nrm. brings over 3 decades of combined experience in art curating, collecting and publishing in China and South East Asia.

SAG entrance

SAG entrance

SGA entry foyer at Three on the Bund, Shanghai

SGA entry foyer at Three on the Bund, Shanghai

SGA’s reopening show: Pal(ate)ette/

For SGA’s re-opening and for the first time in the history of Three on the Bund a major exhibition will take place throughout the whole building: Pal(ate)/ette/.

Pal(ate)/ette/ will show artworks throughout Three on the Bund with the exhibition’s core display in SGA. Curated by nrm, Pal(ate)/ette/ reflects the spectrum of associations of the homonyms Palate and Palette; a synthesis of the senses – taste, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – and presenting Three on the Bund as a cultural whole.

The exhibition title relates to two homophones. While ‘Palate’ refers to the ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours related to food as well as relishing its taste, ‘Palette’ denotes a broad range of colours or simply the board upon which artists mix pigments.

Pal(ate)/ette/ is an nrm curatorial project.

SGA exhibition space

SGA exhibition space

Three on the Bund

Built in 1916, Three on the Bund is one of the most prominent heritage riverfront buildings comprising Shanghai’s Bund. Following acquisition by Giti group the building underwent substantial restoration at the turn of the century led by architect Michael Graves, reopening in 2004 as one of the finest locations in the city for art, dining and fashion, and continues to be to this day.


Originally launched as Shanghai Gallery of Art when Three on the Bund opened in 2004, SGA has hosted ground-breaking exhibitions of leading Chinese and international artists.

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nrm. is a curatorial consultancy by Josef Ng, Andrew Ruff and Chris Moore. 

Andrew Ruff and Josef Ng of NRM.

Andrew Ruff and Josef Ng of nrm.

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