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2016.02.04 Thu, by
ZINE DUMPLING ART PARTY with China Residencies in New York


Join us to ring in the Chinese New Year by making your very own art dumpling and check out some amazing zines. We’ll be featuring printed things made by the collectives on this past summer’s Crystal Ruth Bell Residency.

Come see some neat stuff & craft dumplings in any shape, size or form, then eat them!


New Love City

68 Greenpoint Ave, Number 4, Brooklyn, New York 11222, USA


China Residencies is a non-for-profit organization creating a directory of artist residencies in mainland China. These residency programs offer time and space to artists from all over the world to create new works. Our website provides thousands of creatives with an easy way to discover these opportunities.

We believe diplomacy shouldn’t just be left up to politicians. Artists are cultural and social changemakers, and we are passionate about creating opportunities for artists to bring a broader cultural understanding into their work and communities.

The not for profit mission of China Residencies is to:

  • Create a free comprehensive directory and an online platform for visiting artists and hosting organizations.
  • Map and research residencies across China to strengthen the global field of arts residencies.
  • Advise existing and envisioned residency programs to foster robust and sustainable creative exchange.

China Residencies was founded by Crystal Ruth Bell and Kira Simon-Kennedy in 2013. They volunteer their time and skills to create these resources, and direct 100% of the grants and donations received to maintaining China Residencies’ website and funding residencies for artists.

We extend our gratitude to our first supporters who helped us get started, our volunteer board members, our fantastic summer interns Sally Yi Cao, Hong Zhang, and Julia Malleck, as well as to the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund for allowing us to send three Australian artists on residencies across China.

Contact us with any questions!