2013.11.15 Fri, by Translated by: 路弯弯
An Early Winter Walk through 798

Before the Northern winter sets in, turning 798 into a chilly, less frequented spot, the following exhibition highlights await you.

First of all, no one should miss Taryn Simon at UCCA. Her extensive project “A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII” saw her trace – for four years – eighteen family bloodlines and their attendant stories. Systematic, thoughtful, beautifully presented and relevant, this exhibition and document is one to absorb and retain in memory. A powerful show of wooden sculptures by Wang Keping continues, also, at UCCA.

A view of “A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII” by Tarny Simon at UCCA

A view of “Difference Engine” at Magician Space

At Magician Space, a new exhibition opened last weekend of pieces by young experimental artists. “Difference Engine” addresses itself to the issue of how to create “difference” in contemporary art – this gallery has made moves towards more theoretical approaches in its recent shows. The works range from the sardonic (Song Ta’s video of a zoo-park has subtitles in colored lettering of the announcer’s voice calling lost children to the gate — in fact the names of local officials), to the downright cocky. Chen Zhou suspended a plastic chicken toy from the ceiling as his contribution.

As Pace gallery lies in wait for a new installation, go into Faurschou, where a solo outing by Gabriel Orozco spreads a mass of burst tyres over the floor. This exhibition, called “Chicotes”, is the artist’s first in China. Before leaving, flick through the catalogue at the reception. In it is included “Parking Lot” (1995), to which Michael Lin’s current installation at Tang Gallery, “Place Libre”, bears more than a striking resemblance. Regardless, the latter is one of the more successful occupations of Tang’s huge space this year.

A view of “Chicotes” at Faurschou Foundation

Jing Yuan Huang, “I am your Agency No.23″, oil on canvas, 63.5 x 84 cm, 2013
黄静远《各就各位,23号》,布面油画,63.5 x 84 cm,2013

“Satire”, Qiu Zhijie’s canny mixture of commercial and conceptual works, still has a couple of weeks to go at Galeria Continua. For paintings, one might choose Force gallery, which is currently showing a large, competent solo exhibition by Jing Yuan Huang—“I am your Agency”.

Finally, at Boers-Li, Fang Lu has installed screens and monitors for her show “Lost Seconds”—an exploration of the contemporary self as controlled and staged. How do we perceive, present and watch ourselves? The question is pertinent and asked here, visually, without embellishment.

A view of Fang Lu’s “Lost Seconds” exhibition at Boers-Li