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Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art – Call for Papers.

The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art is a scholarly forum for new research into and critical debate on the subject of contemporary Chinese art. The journal welcomes contributions that address contemporary art produced in mainland China, Hong Kong-Macau and Taiwan as well as in relation to diasporic and trans-national Chinese cultural communities world-wide. The journal also welcomes contributions that address the relationship between Chinese cultural thought and practice and contemporary art of non-Chinese origin. The journal is open to non-standard contributions such as photographic essays and conversations for publication alongside its more usual peer-reviewed content.

Areas of research and debate that the journal will explore include, but are by no means limited to:

• Contemporary art with a relationship to Chinese society, culture and history

• Art-historical and critical writing related to the reception of contemporary Chinese art

• Curatorial theory and practice related to the exhibition/display of contemporary Chinese art

• Contemporary Chinese aesthetics (as seen from Chinese and non-Chinese cultural perspectives)

• The contemporary Chinese art market

Issues of historical importance to the development of contemporary Chinese art (e.g. cultural interaction and exchange between China and the West prior to the emergence of contemporary Chinese art)

The editors are currently seeking contributions for the first two editions of the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art. There is no specific theme for the first two editions. The editors would be pleased to see original essays of between four and six thousand words on any topic related to contemporary Chinese art.  Completed submissions should be e-mailed to the principal editor before 1 September 2013. The principal editor would be happy to discuss proposals for contributions prior to submission and peer-review. All correspondence should be forwarded by e-mail to paul.gladston@nottingham.ac.uk. The inaugural edition of the journal is due to be published in 2014.