EX: 1/30/2012
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Shanghai Himalayas Museum(上海喜玛拉雅美术馆)
2015.08.08 Sat - 2015.10.11 Sun
Opening Exhibition
08/08/2015 17:00
3rd F, District A, NO.869 Ying Hua Road, Pudong district, Shanghai 200135
+86 21 5033.9801
Opening Hours
10:00 - 18:00 (close on Monday)

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Architecture for Dogs|Kenya Hara |Shanghai Himalayas Museum
[Press Release]

Organizer:Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Exibition Curator : Kenya Hara

Academic Consultant: Wong Shun-kit

Cooperative planning: Imprint Venture Lab

屏幕快照 2015-07-27 下午9.56.00

Architects: Atelier Bow-Wow / Toyo ITO / MVRDV / Yansong MA / Kengo KUMA / Konstantin GRCIC / Kazuyo SEJIMA / TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. / Hiroshi NAITO / Shigeru BAN / Sou FUJIMOTO / Reiser+Umemoto / Hara Design Institute

Project Manager: YoYo Huang

* Small dogs could be carried into the museum.

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Curated by Kenya Hara, world-famous Japanese designer and art director of MUJI, Architecture for Dogs features 14 sets of specially-designed doghouses by heavy-weight architects and designers including Atelier Bow-Wow, Toyo ITO, MVRDV, Yansong MA, Kengo KUMA, Konstantin GRCIC, Kazuyo SEJIMA, TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc., Hiroshi NAITO, Shigeru BAN, Sou FUJIMOTO, Reiser+Umemoto, Hara Design Institute and the curator himself. Launched in 2012, the widely acclaimed tour exhibition will now make its sixth stop at Shanghai Himalayas Museum. Architecture for Dogs will open to the public on August 8 and run through October 11.

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Since its launch, Architecture for Dogs has attracted wide attention among not only pet owners but also people taking an interest in design, architecture and art in general. According to curator Kenya Hara, “Practically everybody on earth is familiar with dogs and has some interest in them. The ‘dog’ represents a universal and broad-ranging theme.” “Architecture for Dogs” is not merely newly-designed kennels. By designing architectural environments that would change the way human interact with their pet dogs, the exhibition intends to inspire people to take a new and different perspective and to ponder on questions such as “if we were to imagine an environment based on the scale of dogs, what would it be like?” 

In addition to a new addition by renowned Chinese architect Yansong Ma, which will be unveiled for the first time at this edition of Architecture for Dogs, two other highlights will also make this the most-anticipated exhibition in town. Firstly, an enlarged version of “D-Tunnel”, designed by Kenya Hara, will make its debut in Shanghai. Visitors can walk into the space and get a chance to observe the surrounding world from a dog’s perspective. The other highlight will be the “Puppy Park”, a designated space right outside the gallery space in which dogs can have a chance to play with the “houses” designed for them.