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Art Exhibition : Community Hospital – WhyWhyArt

This is the first exhibition organised by WhyWhyArt in this exciting new art space on Yu Yuan Lu. The participating international and local artists will be exhibiting works that reflect on philosophical, personal and social issues. Where art raises awareness, can be cathartic or of any other use, or is even the cause. Using Community Hospital as a place where “Matters” can be explored, sated, defined, and maybe even cured. The cross medium artworks exhibited each picture a certain problem, for some of the artworks this will be their first preview.

‘Community Hospital’ concept created by Zane Mellupe

Participating Artists:

Abby Robinson (US) – conceptual photography / Ash Hempsall (UK) – painting / Christian Chambenoit (FR) – mixed media installation / Christian de Laubadère (FR) – mixed media painting / Christophe Demaitre (BE) – mixed media photography / Daniele Mattioli (IT) – photojournalism /Girolamo Marri (IT) – photography Joyce Rohrmoser (AT) – video installation / Konstantin Bayer (DE) – artwork manuals / *LLND (FR) – mixed media installation / Maya Kramer (US) – mixed media / Monika Lin (US) – mixed media painting / Pascale Pollier (BE) – medical art / Piers Secunda (UK) – conceptual art / Roland Darjes (DE) – installation /Susanne Junker (DE) – photography video installation Tom Lee Pettersen (US) – sound installation / Vilnis Auziņš (LV) – photography / Wu Yandan (CN) – performance and photography / Zane Mellupe (LV) – mixed media photography