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亞洲當代藝術空間 A+ Contemporary
2015.09.09 Wed - 2015.10.31 Sat
Opening Exhibition
Room 106, Bldg. 7, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China 上海市普陀區莫干山路50號7號樓106室
Opening Hours
10:00-18:30 everyday (closed on Mondays)

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Artist? Scientist? Philosopher? LIU YUE at “← →” Opening Exhibition of A+ Contemporary
[Press Release]

Followed by last month’s A+ Contemporary opening exhibition, we are proud to present the second part of “← →” with inclusion of an emerging artist based in Shanghai—LIU YUE.

18 The Archetype of Infinity 18 2015 Mixed media 45×45×45cm (9)

The fate of tissue paper is disposable, forgettable, who would ever think about praising its malleability? In Liu Yue’s artwork “The Archetype of Infinity”, there are 28 tissue boxes, and Liu would have to fold and shape each tissue paper until they look as much identical as possible. During the process, the artist must overcome the object’s extreme softness and delicacy to create a similar reproduction through bodily senses and concentration. The whole performance lasts for 8 days; it is a journey of Liu searching for the ultimate “one”.

18 The Archetype of Infinity 18 2015 Mixed media 45×45×45cm (6)


In mathematics, a function, F(x), is a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs with the property that each input is related to exactly one output. Tissue paper, in the practical sense, is considered a cheap good mass-produced in the factory; however, inside these identical boxes, the appearance of paper itself is almost limitless, it takes great effort to create the exact same wrinkle here and another fold there, which can only be done by hands! The input of “time” is thus added into the process, and infinite trials are simulated as an attempt to reach the absolute. When we reflect back on the 4 other artists in this exhibition: Chu Chunteng (Taiwan), Hsu Chiawei (Taiwan), Lee Kit (Hong Kong), Morgan Wong (Hong Kong), they grew up in places that are part of “Chinese” cultural system but somehow deviated from it in the course of history, while Liu Yue from Shanghai, now stands as the central point where “← →” departs. Furthermore, we can say that “The Archetype of Infinity” can be understood as the immense differences and possibilities underneath the ostensible similarity.

The exhibiting work is only the 18 piece among the artist’s “The Archetype of Infinity” research series. Liu explores the hidden significance behind surface, and uses succinct presentation to reveal a complex system. In fact, the branch of learning has always been divided that the differences between science and art seem insurmountable. However, just like Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) proved to be a great artist and scientific genius, perfection can be achieved through comprehension of both. In this respect, Liu shows a cross-disciplinary mastery. The artist’s deliberate craftsmanship has perhaps made us ponder: the uniqueness of each individual are actually created, inevitably, by the ambition of creator who tries to defy any differences.

Media Contact:

上海 毛劍臻 Shanghai, Junet Mao +86-21-6266-2781 / +86-136-4177-1766 / media@apluscontemporary.org

北京 徐浩洋 Beijing, Erick Xu +86-10-5978-9709 / +86 134-3983-3419 / asiaartcenter@163.com

台北 徐廷瑀 Taipei, Sabrina Hsu +886-2-2754-1366 / +886-963-922-101 / sabrinahsu@asiaartcenter.org

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Artist: LIU YUE

Born in 1981, Liu Yue majored in oil painting and graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Shanghai University. Despite his training in oil painting, photography is also a favored media to create his modern conceptual works. His artwork often reflects his own interest and attraction to notions of space, time, and object’s structure and forms. He likes showing the banality so that to disclose its magical side and challenge our own perception of things. Recent exhibitions include: Liu Yue’s on-site project ‘The Gentle Slope’ (am art space, Shanghai, 2015), Minuscule in Scope Gargantuan in Perspective (ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai, 2015), This is Not Video (Asia Art Center, Taipei, 2015), Anthem—Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong (am art space, Shanghai, 2012), Photoquai Festival (Quai Branly Museum, Paris, 2011) 

About A+ Contemporary

In August, 2015, A+ Contemporary was founded in Shanghai. The space is located in the thriving “M50” art community, featuring artists from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and will feature artists from Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia in the near future. The curatorial programme of A+ Contemporary consists of exhibitions, forums and publication of scholarly catalogs; its selected presentations center around the different facets of artistic innovation and concepts, and its research scope extends to cross-disciplinary analysis.

Exhibition: ← → A+ Contemporary Opening Exhibition

Address: Room 106, Bldg. 7, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China

Duration: August 1st → September 9th → October 31st, 2015

Artists: Chu ChunTeng, Hsu ChiaWei, Lee Kit, Morgan Wong, Liu Yue