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Bare Reality | DaiYun

Dai Yun (b.1971, Xi’an, China)has attained outstanding achievements in contemporary sculpture in China. Red bricks, grey bricks, cement and concrete iron have become his iconic sculptural languages, which is unique in the art community of Chinese contemporary sculpture. Leo Gallery is delighted to present Dai Yun’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong during Hong Kong Art Week 2016, and is honoured to have invited the well-known sculpture art critic Dr Sun Zhenhua to give academic advice on this exhibition.

Architecture builds the city; cement, concrete iron and bricks create the structure of a city. When the artist removes the external visual elements, the essence in structural framework of sculpture is exposed. The texture of materials and the aesthetics of objects form a strong contrast and create unusual perceptions and artistic languages. In recent years, Dai Yun has been creating more challenging object images like the weapon AK 47, a toilet bowl once used by Osama bin Laden, a designer sofa and a bike. These familiar objects are created by primitive building materials in agricultural society which give an experience of unspeakable bare reality.

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