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Lelege Art(力利记艺术)
2016.07.13 Wed - 2016.08.31 Wed
Opening Exhibition
B-03, Ground Floor Store, Yuanyang New Express Building, NorthRoad of the East Third Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing(北京朝阳区东三环北路远洋新干线B03)
Opening Hours

Zhang Yonghong(张永红)

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Changing@ Inner Needs
[Press Release]

Artists: Liu Wentao, Su Yuhan, Yang Liming, Yan Yan, Yin Ge
Curator: Jiang Yuehong
Exhibition Period: July 13th – August 31st, 2016
Opening Date: 3:00 p.m., July 13th, 2016
Venue: Lelege Art
Address: B-03, Ground Floor Store, No.66 Xiaguangli,North Road of East Third Ring, Chaoyang District,Beijing.

While the 2014 exhibition “Changing: Abstracts in China” presented by Lelege Art was attempting to showcase a wider range of possibilities in the practice of Chinese abstract painting and the “changing” centered on much more possibilities themselves, the present “Changing @ Abstract” is expected to research on the case studies of Chinese abstract painting and observe how the artists, who grow up with the education at school of fine art and chose painting as a means of expression, choose to mend and repair their ways to work on abstract painting as a practice on a basis of their innermost need, in such a sense, “changing” concentrates on the ever-changing consciousness of the artists.

Amongst them are Yang Liming who left Sichuan where he studied and taught art and headed to Beijing where he determined his decision to do abstract painting, Yin Ge who graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts and situated his painting based on performance instead of paint brush after challenging the realistic competence of his own, Liu Wentao who had been persisted with abstract painting under the influence of Tan Ping in the printmaking department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and who was shoved in the evaluating room right before graduation as the first one by a classmate who argued that “If you can pass the exam, all of us will do”, Yan Yan who chose the subjective way of expression when studying mural painting at China Academy of Art and attempted to explore possibility of formal language in painting on a basis of building blocks and collage after graduation, and Su Yuhan who accidentally received recognition due to a random trial work in a selective course of printmaking when studying oil painting at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, voluntarily devoted himself to abstract painting after clearly comprehending it by means of reading, has enhanced to explore abstract painting at his own will. In all likelihood, in terms of “mending and repairing the way”, the above-mentioned artists have established a logic system of individual independence and self-consciousness in practicing abstract painting. In such a logic system of their own, the most intriguing thing to the viewers is their innermost appeal presenting in their work, in a sense, the appeal indicates the thoughts of the practitioners and responds to the viewers’ gaze at the works.

Listening quietly and reflecting attentively, in one way or another, you may hear the sincerity and honesty from the seemingly intimate talking.