EX: 1/30/2012
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Today Art Museum(今日美术馆)
2016.05.08 Sun - 2016.05.18 Wed
Opening Exhibition
Building 4, Pingod Community, No.32 Baiziwan Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing(北京市朝阳区百子湾路32号苹果社区)
010 5876 0600
Opening Hours
Building 1:10am - 10pm
Building 2,3:10am - 5pm

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Dissensus Agitation-The Painting to Language/ Curator: Dai Zhuoqun/ Today Art Museum
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When we go through the mainline of western painting,we can find that art served for religious purpose at the beginning, then served for royal family and the nobility after middle ages. When it came to 18th century, painting started manifest the concern about democratization, freedom and individualism. Although the languages and styles varied, the object and content have been separated from painting itself. The modernism revolution leads painting to look inside, as painting becomes the object of painting. As the Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Neo-figuration and Neo-abstraction showing, painting has be liberated, instead of going dead. Chinese painting has a similar history, to be specific, it begun to decay after the bloom of literati painting of Yuan and Song dynasty, and the modernization happened rather lately.


Duan Jianyu/ A Pair of Embroider Shoes No.2 – The Girls All Look Good No.2/
Painting Installation: Oil, Acrylic and Embroidery on Canvas (181×217cm), A Pair of Embroidered Shoes/ 2011

Painting exists in the language. Only when the language constructed, the hidden part, sometimes is not cognitive, will emerge. Painting analyzes and deconstructs the real objects through language and then endows them with new meanings and structures. This kind of probabilistic metaphysics activity inspires painting to find new possibility between its object and context, which is more valuable than the ordinary meaning of a primary object.


Xie Nanxing/ Someone Portrait/ Oil on Canvas/ 100×80cm/ 2015

Creation activities refer to, in today’s context, neither reflecting the visible objects, nor simulating a real object, but to provoking our thinking about these objects. What defines art is actually how to organize the artistic language rather than to show the nature of an object. In another word, the language builds a work. Further, only the language is the soul of an artwork.


Qin Qi/ Ray/ Oil on Canvas/ 160×160cm/ 2016

Painting, as a language, makes the relationship between objects is not occasional any more. What’s more, instead of representing constant finite and “real”meanings,it continuously creats new forms and meanings.


Jia Aili/ Untitled/ Oil on Canvas/ 210×270cm/ 2015