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“Dreaming an Earth”
Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Platform China Contemporary Art Institution is pleased to present Tong Kunniao’s solo exhibition “Dreaming an Earth” on 17th April, the show will be run until May 22th. This will be the gallery’s second solo exhibition of the artist’s work.


“What one person did to another person?” he said, “What you have to do is watching? You just helplessly watching everything happens.” he repeated. And he described that the appearance of city and social relations is such a buzz mess, things you have seen out here were complicated, ridiculous, bored, exasperated, lovable, blundering, clownish, stupid, and they are like staged scenes that occurs, develops, numbs… finally he said“You are clearly aware of the impetuous thing in your vicinity, but still cannot ruin it, So do I, I cannot stand for it too! “

Tong Kunniao’s perceptions reflected his perceiving of the society. In his consciousness, the society sprawls out with ridiculous shapes around human. He is good at his in inadvertently collected things into a creative material, such as the supermarket rubber chicken, ambiguous silicone breast, pure liquid milk, etc. His works contained interesting wacky means, such strange pleasure rush and painful sensation stimulating the consciousness of his audience. These features constitute the unique creative language of the artist.

Tong Kunniao created a series of works around the “Dreaming an Earth” which reflected the surrounding environment. Window mannequin, brass instruments, puppets Robin, plastic palm tree… they are used to re-integrated into the device as ready-made , and mobile QQ/Emoji expression, that combine a new space environment where the original social and order are scattered. To set up a strange world at the same time, break the viewer’s concept.

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