EX: 1/30/2012
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Gallery Yang 杨画廊
2018.01.06 Sat - 2018.02.05 Mon
Opening Exhibition
Gallery Yang, Main 2nd Street, 798 Art District,No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China(中国北京朝阳区酒仙桥路2号798艺术区中二街 杨画廊)
+86 (0)10-59789491
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Hu Qingtai’s Solo Project
Gallery Yang
[Press Release]

In this new project by Hu Qingtai at Gallery Yang’s Project Space, the artist tries to understand, capture, and describe the elusive force that is deeply hidden in the body and often emerges to make an attempt to control the limbs.

There is only one work in this exhibition: A Force Spurring “Limbs” via “Head”. Several parallel videos display some inscrutable movements, and it is hard to decide whether they are active behavior of the limbs with clear intentions or signs of a temporary and unsuccessful control over the limbs. Is it something half done? Or is it just a beginning?

Does the “force” come from the head upon the neck? Or does it come from the head outside the limbs?
Is it a single force, or does it consist of several kinds of forces?

All these questions lead to our understanding and imagination of “forces” that can’t be simulated yet are flowing through the body.

About the Artist
Hu Qingtai was born in Qiqihar in 1985, and graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2008. His solo projects include Daze/ Brisk Walks/ Frown/Carry Things/ Disoriented/ Push Open/ Grind, Pout & Gaze/ Rubbing the Legs and the Left Chest/ Being Lethargic! (MOCUBE, Beijing, China , 2017); Light Pavilion Project/ Hu Qingtai: Two Parts (Taikang Space, Beijing, China, 2016); Qingtai, the most beautiful colour is yellow (Gallery 55, Shanghai, China, 2014); Hu QingTai Project: Brother/ Li Gang/ Li Liao/ Jiang Bo/ Yang Jian/ Yang XinGuang/ Zeng Hong/ Zhan Rui (White Space, Beijing, China, 2013). He also has participated in the group exhibitions at a number of institutions and galleries, including Long March Space, Eslite Gallery (Taibei), K11 Art Foundation Pop-up Space (Hong Kong), Chi K11 Art Space (Shanghai&Wuhan), AMNUA (Nanjing), Power Station of Art (Shanghai), Hunsand Space, Uferhallen(Berlin, Germany), and K11 Art Village (Wuhan). He is one of the artists of the ongoing exhibition Bad New Days Ahead at Taikang Space, Beijing.