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HDM Gallery (Beijing)和维画廊(北京)
2017.06.17 Sat - 2017.08.26 Sat
Opening Exhibition
798 Art District, No 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu Chaoyang District - Beijing 100015 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号798艺术区内 北京8502信箱 - 100015
+86 139 1165 1353
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 am - 6:00pm.

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Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing
[Press Release]

Poster_Jiang Zhi_HDM Gallery

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is pleased to present Jiang Zhi’ s solo show “To make with changes” curated by Yuan Fuca. The show will feature Jiang Zhi’ s new series of photographs “Emanations” as well as three works from the series “Among the Destined”. The exhibition will open on June 17th 2017 and will last until August 26th.

Jiang Zhi’ s first series of photographs dates back to 1997. Since then, his photographic practice has combined sophisticated concepts with a strong aesthetic element. “Love Letters”, his most well-known series to date, presents burning flowers to symbolize a brilliant and graceful love song while “Among the Destined” features fictional and silent landscapes made out of tiny carbon fragments.

蒋志,《散发之物04》,摄影、艺术微喷,90x120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017 Jiang Zhi,

蒋志,《散发之物04》,摄影、艺术微喷,90×120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017
Jiang Zhi, “Emanations No.4″, Photograph、Archival, Inkjet Print, 90×120 cm, Edition: 5+2AP, 2017

蒋志,《散发之物06》,摄影、艺术微喷,80x120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017 Jiang Zhi,

蒋志,《散发之物06》,摄影、艺术微喷,80×120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017
Jiang Zhi, “Emanations No.6″, Photograph、Archival, Inkjet Print, 80×120 cm, Edition: 5+2AP, 2017

As the theme of this exhibition, “To make with changes” (‘Fan Cang Sang’ in Chinese) further explains the effects of subjective initiative on the so-called things. “Fan” means rules, law and model, and also means to follow the law;“Cang Sang” means that things are uncertain and constantly changing. “Fan Cang Sang” can be interpreted as “the law of change” as a noun, and emphasizes the dialectical relationship between “the passive” and “the active” as a verb — to make with changes and change with making. The new series of photographs “Emanations” is the Jiang Zhi’ s new thinking of images recently. He did not follow the previous familiar techniques to create images, but established a new sense of presence in the experiment of reuse of objects and images,and disorganize and replace the way of aesthetic habits we are standardized. In the creation of Jiang Zhi, the tendency of his stage is much more clear: to produce the new perception of the image and its application are more important than the image production.

Born in Yuanjiang, Hunan Province, Jiang Zhi was graduated from China Academy of Art in 1995 and now lives in Beijing. As one of the most versatile artists of his generation, Jiang Zhi’ s work has been internationally recognized by institutions and galleries including OCAT Shenzhen, Guangzhou Times Museum, White Cube Hong Kong, Magician Space Beijing etc. Meanwhile, Jiang Zhi has numerous publications including Mu Mu (1999), Shine Upon Me (2008), Neurosis and Prattle (2008), On the White (2008), Tremble (2010), If This is a Man (2012), Love Letters (2015), Love-Addict (2016, with Chen Xiaoyun), One is All, All is One, All, Predestiny (2017)

蒋志,《散发之物10》,摄影、艺术微喷,145x111 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017 Jiang Zhi,

蒋志,《散发之物10》,摄影、艺术微喷,145×111 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017
Jiang Zhi, “Emanations No.10″, Photograph、Archival, Inkjet Print, 145×111 cm, Edition: 5+2AP, 2017

蒋志,《散发之物13》,摄影、艺术微喷,80x120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017 Jiang Zhi,

蒋志,《散发之物13》,摄影、艺术微喷,80×120 cm,版本: 5+2AP,2017
Jiang Zhi, “Emanations No.13″, Photograph、Archival, Inkjet Print, 80×120 cm, Edition: 5+2AP, 2017