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Jungle III — Common, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute is honored to announce the group exhibition Jungle III – Common. The exhibition will be on view from 5th November to 17th December, 2017.

“Jungle” Project till now has spanned 8 years to this day. In 2010, Platform China launched the 1st Jungle Exhibition, aimed to explore the circumstance of Chinese Modern Art. 82 artists, media and art institutes was involved at that time. In 2013, the second Jungle exhibition “Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology” used “Thriving” to describe its sense of form and space. As an annual project, it was framed by over 10 independent exhibition which constituted of works of different medium and forms. As yet in 2017, the theme of the 3rd exhibition of the Jungle Project is , and paintings is the carrier to convey the discussion of the inner topics of art this time.

Common, in Chinese, “Xún Cháng”, are 2 length measurement units in ancient China. 8 feet means “Xún”, 16 feet means “Cháng”. The meaning of “Xún” has gradually evolved from a noun into a verb. And “Cháng” extended to a more complex dimension, the meaning is hard to clarify, sometimes it means long or many, sometimes it means short or small, but over the evolvement of its meaning, it is now used as an adjective, with different combination such as Ri Chang meaning Daily, Wu Chang meaning Uncertain, Yi Chang meaning Unusual, Shi Chang meaning Not performing well, Jing Chang meaning Often, Ping Chang meaning Ordinary, Xun Chang meaning Common, Chang Shi meaning Common Sense, Chang Tai meaning Common Status, Chang Li meaning Common Knowledge and so on. So, the meaning of “Cháng” is not simply many or few, neither big or small; It means not being fixed in an extreme condition. As for “Cháng”, it often represents the border of a variable, stands for standard, dimension, principle, time, space and eternity. Hence, “Cháng” has become a standing point in our judgment system. This topic will be discussed continuously from the “Jungle III – Common” exhibition.


Artists: Bi Jianye, Duan Jianwei, Duan Jianyu, Fu Jingyan,
Ge Hui, Gong Ming, He Xun, Huang Liang, Ji Xin, Jia Aili,
Liang Shuo, Liao Fei, Lin Cong, Liu Cong, Liu Gangshun,
Liu Xiaohui, Lou Shenyi, Ma Ke, Qi Wenzhang, Qin Qi,
Qiu Ruixiang, Song Yuanyuan, Sun Xun, Sun Yitian, Tan Ping,
Tang Dayao, Tang Hui, Tong Tianqing, Wang Yin,
Wang Zhiyuan, Wu Weijia, Xiao Bo, Xu Dawei, Xu Cheng,
Yang Maoyuan, Ye Qing, Yu Xing, Zhang Yexing, Zhao Gang,
Zhao Tingyang, Zhao Zhao, Zhou Yilun

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