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Minsheng Art Museum(民生美术馆)
2014.11.08 Sat - 2014.12.08 Mon
Opening Exhibition
11/08/2014 15:00
Building F, NO.570 West Huaihai Road (Red Town), Changning District of Shanghai, China.
021 6282 8729
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10am -10pm (free after 6pm)

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Mixed Blood-Minsheng Art Museum SH
[Press Release]

Duration: 8th November – 8th December 2014

Curator: CYJO

Host: Minsheng Art Museum SH

Co-organizer: Embassy of the United States of America, Shanghai

Media Preview:15:00 8th November 2014

Mixed Blood, a solo exhibition of American Korean Visual artist CYJO’s work featuring 19 families with children of mixed ethnicity, is going to be held in Minsheng Art Museum SH on 8th November 2014. This exhibition is host by Minsheng Art Museum and generously supported by US Embassy in Shanghai.


Raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and having spent much of her adult life in NYC, CYJO encapsulates her multicultural community and American upbringing through family portraits and interviews in NYC and Beijing. Her exploration of identity and its relationship to migration and culture, beginning as early as 2004, continues with these compelling photographic portraits. Mixed Blood opens the doors into the living quarters of select families inviting the viewer to engage with their portraits and personal narratives. Mixed Blood investigates the shaping of identity and culture through tradition, modernization, citizenship, and ethnicity.


As Nik Apostolides, Curator of this exhibition, puts it, “The families in Mixed Blood present the unprecedented diversity of human relationship, and the increased blending of races and cultures in the 21st century. At the same time, the series suggests the evolving role of individuals and  families in defining their own unique identities and shaping their own values in ways that use race and ethnicity as a partial frame, but that also begin…to blur traditional lines and create new categories and connections.”


The exhibition will run through till 8th December, before which audiences shall be welcomed to attend a lecture by the artist to embark on a deep yet interactive exchange with each other.