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Olga Georgieva
sparking like a red line
XC. HuA Beijing


XC. HuA Beijing is pleased to invite you to the opening of Olga Georgieva’s exhibition in Beijing, the 13. October at 4 PM.

Born in Bulgaria in 1986, she Georgieva currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Olga Georgieva’s works cover painting, installation and many other fields. Using an open and bold perspective to face the individual’s introverted thinking and external relations, red line as the basic element, showing precise relationships with dynamic multi-way: She often expresses the relationship between people in the works, or the “story” that occurs in front of her. Red in the work represents the connection between people in the picture and at the same time the isolation and separation. It also represents a private fortress that each of us has built for ourselves. In a deeper sense, red can also be understood as a rational rule and a boundary between individuals and the outside world.

For the exhibition Olga Georgieva created a new swing installation named “pai gow”, 28 swings and 28 domininoes will form a new but traditional game along with works she created in the last view years in Vienna. During the opening she will perform a live painting in the gallery revenues with the intention of capturing of capturing the manners and costumes of the visitors. The painting will constantly expand and the visitors will experience their disappearence in the course of the opening and at the same time get a glimpse through the diversity of her work.

About Artist


Olga Georgieva  Born 1986 in Varna, Bulgaria Lives and works in Vienna, Austria;  Education:  2012 Masters Diplom, Professor Jan Svenungsson;  Awards and prizes 2014 nominated at Walter Koschatzky Art – Award 2013; 2012 Winner ” Red Carpet ” for young art;  2009 2nd prize, Hahnemühle competition, Germany;  2008 Recognition award, competition Vivatis “Schlarafenland”;  2nd Price, Mirabell competition, “Mozart Yesterday Today”;  2005 1st Price competition of Varna ” 1150 years Bulgarian alphabet”;  2004 1st Price in the 8th international competition “Europe at School”;  works in the public space; 2018 Simensstraße 142, Design of two walls, Vienna, Austria;  2017 Frankstahl, Design of four gates, Gutramsdorf, Austria; Solo exhibitions: 2018 ”Sparkling red line“, XC.HuA Galleries Berlin | Beijing, Beijing, China Parallel Vienna 2018, Steinek gallery, Vienna (with Julius Deutschbauer) UlmRBAN LIVE, Künstlerhaus Ulm, Ulm Germany;  2017 Green lights forever, Gallery Contempo, Pergine, Italy;  Live painting, Vienna / Berlin, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore;  I TAKE YOU !, live painting performance, TAKE FESTIVAL VIENNA 2017 WE TAKE YOU !, livepainting Olga Georgieva  Special Guests Mirre M & Luma.  Launisch LIVE Audio Visual Fashion Oper, TAKE FESTIVAL VIENNA;  2016 ”looking for score“, gallery Steinek,Vienna,Austria, “out on the other side“, Bulart gallery, Varna,  Bulgaria;  2015 Imperial & CO, live painting Tour, via Saundframe,Vienna Info in the cities: Genf/Hamburg/Mailand /Palma de Mallorca Madrid/Bukarest Warschau /Lyon;  RINGSTREET OVER AND OVER, multimedia – space – installation & Live Painting, LUMA . LAU- NISCH & OLGA GEORGIEVA,  long night of museums Vienna,Wien Museum | Vienna Museum Karlsplatz, (with Florian Tanzer | Luma Launisch); 2014 ”Since 1986 ‘, Museum Angerlehner, Wels, Austria, ”Vienna now or never” live painting, White Loft Moscow, Russia, ”Invisible Beijing“, Steinek Gallery, Vienna, Austria;  2013 ”ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR ” Bulart Gallery ,Varna, Bulgaria,   ”Final line”  Viennafair, Red Carped , Vienna,Austria  ”Double Six”, SHOWROOM Red Carped , Karlsplatz , Vienna, Austria   ”Unverschämt unwiderstehlich”, Steinek Gallery,Vienna;  2012 ”Ausweitung der Vernunftzone“, Diploma work, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria, ”a conversation only we can have“,  ”Doppel – sechser”, education center of the SPÖ, Vienna, Austria;  2007 ”Wildes Mädchen”, Art Forum Raum 8, Vienna, Austria, (with Desislava Unger) “Unruhige Zeiten”, Kunsthalle Wien , Vienna, Austria, (with Zorniza Gurova),  ”Wilde Mädchen”, Renner Institute, Vienna, Austria, (with Desislava Unger);  2005  Exhibition at the opening of the gallery Aglaia, Varna, Bulgaria, (with Delitza Tzoneva);   Group exhibitions 2018 Red Carpet Art Award goes Steiermark, Gerberhaus Fehring, Austria;  2017 WIENNACHTEN, Propaganda Gallery,Warschau, Polen, ÄSTHETIK DERVERÄNDERUNG. 150 years University of Applied Arts Vienna, MAK, Vienna, Austria DISCRETE FORM, XC. Hua Galleries Berlin | Beijing, Berlin, Germany, Bene zauktion für das Mobile Hospiz der Caritas, Dorotheum, Vienna, Austria, Parallel Vienna 2017,Galerie Steinek,Vienna,Austria (art fair), BROT & SPIELE, KUNSTFORUM MONTAFON, Schruns, Austria, Red bites back volume II, M8 Treviso, Curator Alexandra Grimmer,Treviso, Italy; 2016 PARALLELVIENNA,Gallery ́s choice,gallery Steinek, Vienna, Austria (art fair)  “the zone in-between“, F35 – 37, Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China MINIFESTA # 2, studio Suterena, Vienna, Austria;  2015Shape-Shifters, Gallery Bulart , Curator Raul Zamudio, Varna, Bulgaria,  ”Festival of young art“, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria, Live painting, MODE PALAST 2015, soung:frame,Vienna,Austria, Art Brussels, Gallery Steinek, Belgien Spazio Libero, M8 Treviso, Italien, Exhibition of nominated works,Walter Koschatzky Art – Award 2015, MUMOK – Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Austria ”ART & FEST“, Gmunden,Austria;  2014 ”No more Fukushima” VIENNA ART WEEK 2014 – Special Project, Vienna, ”Black & White”, Gallery Steinek, VIENNAFAIR 2014, ”START UPS“ Matthias Küper Galleries Stuttgart | Beijing, Beijing, China, Wießenburger art days,Weißenburg, Germany, Just European?, ega: women in the center, Vienna, Austria, CONTEMPO, internationally contemporary type festival, Varna, Bulgaria, sound: frame exhibition VIENNA VISUALS, Künstlerhaus passage,  Vienna Austria, Shuf ing the Cards the 6th Round: Affaires d’amour | Herzensangelegenheiten, curator Alexandra Grimmer, Gmunden, Austria;  2013 ”Ferne Nähe“, Lilienfeld,Austria.  Karl Kilian Days 2013 ” Little Darlings I”, Association for Philosophy and Media,Vienna, Austria “7 studios“, Hrobsky Showroom Gallery, Vienna.  Young Art – Parcours, Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna, Austria.  Exhibition of nominated works, Walter Koschatzky Art – Award 2013 MUMOK – Museum of ModernArtVienna, Austria;  2012 ”Homage an mich” Gallery Peithner Lichtenfels, Vienna, Austria Year exhibition “THE HOUS GRASS “. CserniWohnen, Vienna, Austria. VIENNA FAIR  PARK FAIR “ARTE NOAH”, ”Reproductions”, art space Zögernitz, Vienna, Austria, ”7 studios”, Hrobsky Showroom Gallery, Vienna, Austria, ”Big in Small”, Karl Kilian’s CUBE festival for extensive Arts, Vienna, Austria, ” 4 years Red Carpet “, Area 53, Vienna, Austria, ” open art” Summer Stage, Vienna, Austria, designing a column of light, ” Seschaft “, Steinek Gallery, Vienna, Austria,  ” Previews”, presentation of the red carpet winners in 2012,Ausarten, Vienna, Austria;  2011 ”IN CONTRAST”, Educult, MQ Vienna, Austria.  Japan Charity Exibition, Base Level, Vienna, Austria,  ”Sospensione”, Vienna, Austria  group exhibition in Heiligenkreuzerh of Vienna, Austria. 2010 ICEP charity art auction, Leopold Museum,Vienna.  ”The Essence” Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria.  ”Exile in Shanghai” Jewish Museum, Vienna,Austria;  2009 ”Umsteigen”, collaborative project with the University Geidai,Tokyo , Künstlerhaus Wien,Vienna, Austria;  “Umsteigen”, Gedai art Plaza,Tokyo, Japan;  2008  13th International Biennial, ROC, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts20;  Premio de gravado Maximo Ramos, Spain;    “Umsteigen”, Austrian Cultural Forum, Tokyo, Japan; 2007  ”The European-Bulgarian Art”, Gallery Lessedra, So a, Bulgaria;  “Hhhhholz & Papppier”, FeuerWerk, Fügen, Tyrol, Austria;  “Iconographic”, Gallery Kadekunst, Amsterdam, Holland; Vth International Print Triennial, So a, Bulgaria;  2002 ”Everyday life”, International Exhibition and Competition, Helsinki   Collections:  Wien Museum, Vienna museum, Viena, Austria;  Museum Angerlehner , Angerlehner museum – and Immobilien GmbH,Wels, Austria Red Carpet Collection, Vienna;  Friends of Fine Arts, Vienna;  Graphics in the collection of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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