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Qingtai Hu: Qingtai, the most beautiful colour is yellow.

Gallery 55 @ 2014 project #1 @

Opening: 14:00 – 17:00,10 May 2014
Dates: 10 May -1 June, 2014

For the 1st project at in 2014, Qingtai HU will present his art project entitled:

“Qingtai, the most beautiful colour is yellow.”

Once Qingtai Hu’s mother said to him, “Qingtai, the most beautiful colour is yellow.” Since then, the artist started to be obsessed by these words. He wanted to make himself believe that was true. Since the 12th of April 2012, Qingtai Hu repeatedly painted yellow colour on canvases like mad, to get self-brainwashed, self-recognised, and therefore make that sentence a reality. At one time, he even moved to a secluded spot, secretly forced himself with high pressure to reach that conclusion. By the 3rd of November 2013, Qingtai Hu made 17 pieces of painting on canvas, some notes on daily experience, and a project termination statement.

Qingtai HU was born in China in 1985. He finished his B.A. at Hubei Academy of Art in 2008. His recent major exhibitions include: “Extreme\Serious\Stubborn\Unsociable” at Aviff Art-Film-Festival in Cannes, 2014; “Qingtai, the most beautiful colour is yellow” @ Art Basel in Hong Kong, 2014; “Eight Possible Paths” @ Uferhallen, in Berlin, 2014; “ConditionLeft-and-right arrowReflection”, curated by LEAP magazine in Hong Kong, 2013; and “The 14th OPEN International Performance Art Festival” in Beijing, 2013. is an independent project launched in March 2013. It encourages young artists’ experimental art practices. In 2014, projects which have no references to art history will be presented, continuing to question / critise art itself, challenging art boundaries.