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拾萬空间 Hunsand Space
2015.05.23 Sat - 2015.06.28 Sun
Opening Exhibition
05/23/2015 21:00
北京市朝阳区草场地艺术区211号院A8 A8,No.211 Cao Chang Di ,Chao Yang District, Beijing
010-53317400 +86 18515992737
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SEVEN-DIAGRAM TACTICS Solo Exhibition by Song Jianshu
[Press Release]

Curator: Wang Paopao
Opening reception: 2015.5.23 15:00-18:00
Date: 2015.5.23 – 6.28
Location: HUNSAND SPACE, A8, No. 211, Caochangdi Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact: hunsand@hansand.com | www.hunsand.com

Hunsand Space is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Song Jianshu. The exhibition consists of seven works, which are hereby titled “Seven-Diagram Tactics”.

“Three and a Half Seconds” – Live Sound of Song Jianshu Solo Exhibition

Planner: Wang Paopao
Time: 2015.5.23 21:00
Location: MAKO Live House, NO.36 Guangqu Road, Shuangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing

At the opening night of “Seven-Diagram Tactics”, curator Wang Paopao will host a live sound event of Song Jianshu’s work that will be so different from conference talks and regular opening parties. The artist and curator will share their imagination towards “Seven-Diagram Tactics” and Song’s other artwork through a sound installation titled “Three and a Half Seconds”.


Most of Song Jianshu’s practice applies a sentimental calculation to test a certain regular outcome. It is more like a prediction by a fortuneteller yet the only difference is that the calculation is not about the past or the future. Song’s approach is to measure the distance between our mental judgment and the regular standard through his works, as he believes “the distance that exists form the aesthetics”.

The diagram, which is missing a piece (from an eight trigrams to a seven trigrams), is an exit he made for himself. It is an exit from the cold guidelines in order to keep himself as a person, a person with feelings and warmness.

If we say that the previous artwork of Song Jianshu was testing the veracity and unity of the physical sense, then the new works shown in this exhibition would reveal more about his attempt to readjust the aesthetic of uncertainty. The focus of his practice is also turning to the recognition and tribute of errors from the past negative doubts.

Song Jianshu, born in 1982, had more than ten years of modeling training and experience before he chose to build his art practice through confrontation.
Because of the experience that differs from the college tradition (a sufficient art training that merely offering breaks), he decided to restart from the basics of modeling — the length, width, height, volume, capacity and so on. By adding physical experience to his new practice, Song tries to measure, to extending the meaning of time and space that are stacked in the units above. Through exchanging the means over and over again, Song found the parasitic place of modeling practice at the tunnel end of the existing value or the terminating point of its fluctuation.

Among Song’s artwork, a delicate shift and conversion could be found under the usual meaning of dimension. The rational and constant instruments are objects of uncertainty. The privatization of common unit of measurement surprises us as we begin to find their own delicacy. Before this happening, these senses have been curled up and constrained in each stipulated existence – an absent during the sentimental moments.

From what we have observed by now, the goodness of Song’s artwork present an opposing force to the modeling tension. I am sure that “reverse modeling” might not be the best term to describe Song Jianshu as the focus shall always be that impossible thing to define his motion.

It is this uncertainty that makes Song’s works so close to the fun existence of a “poem-to-be”. If his motion would finally be admired, to be considered as a certain kind of aesthetics and converted into a unit of value, we surely could tell that because of the divination we casted.


Hunsand Space, founded in 2014, is located in No. 211 Caochangdi Art District. Hunsand Space, remaining vigilant towards regular cube-shaped exhibitions, is hoping to extend the current syntax and semantics of contemporary art expressions to a wider aspect. Through our ongoing exhibitions and projects, we aim at stimulating an exploration of the neglected present culture and to bring the merit of contemporary art ideology to you and me.