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Shi Yong: A Brunch of Happy Fantasies | ShanghART S-Space

ShanghART gallery is pleased to present ShanghART S-Space opening exhibition- on 4th March. This exhibition will last until 8th May.


ShanghART S-Space is a special project space located in 798 district Beijing, and also the 7th exhibition space of ShanghART gallery. “S-Space” mainly presents the project with single piece of work. Furthermore, each exhibition will show one project of one artist.

“S” = “Single piece”, “Special”, “Small”, “Smart” and “Seven nine eight”.

This exhibition will present the work of Shi Yong- A Brunch of Happy Fantasies. This work is a neon installation. Shi Yong wrote down the fantasies and made it into neon light, and invertedly displayed. This piece is materialized fantasy creation of words and materials. “Fantasy” is an unspeakable thought, and the work once again conveys the artist’s subtle control of human perception and cognition. A bunch of inverted mumbling and sweet red lights makes the “happy fantasy” real and touching.

  • SY201603