EX: 1/30/2012
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Galerie du Monde(世界画廊)
2017.03.17 Fri - 2017.04.23 Sun
Opening Exhibition
108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2525 0529; Fax: +852 2525 4959
Opening Hours
10:00 – 19:00 Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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[Press Release]

Galerie du Monde will present works by the Fifth Moon Group at Art Basel and its gallery this March

Exhibition at Insights Sector, Art Basel’s Hong Kong Show:
Dates: 21 – 22 (Preview), 23 – 25 March (Public Opening), 2017
Venue: Booth 3D27, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Gallery Exhibition:
Dates: 17 March – 23 April 2017
Venue: Galerie du Monde, 108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

22 February 2017 – Galerie du Monde is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel in Hong Kong as part of the Insights sector in Booth 3D27, with a presentation of work by the Fifth Moon Group, alongside a concurrent exhibition at the gallery space. Highlighting the importance of the group in the history of Chinese contemporary and modern art, Galerie du Monde will showcase a series of rarely seen early works at Art Basel in Hong Kong in March. This will be complemented by an exhibition of later works at the gallery itself; the longest running contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong. Together the two presentations will provide visitors with an overview of the Fifth Moon Group movement and its context, as well as the artworks created by this group of historically influential artists spanning over five decades.

Starting in the 1950s, the Fifth Moon Group of Chinese artists were at the forefront of the modern art movement in Taiwan. Their avant-garde approach incorporated American abstract expressionism into traditional Chinese ink painting and ushered in a new era of Chinese contemporary art. The Fifth Moon Group was founded in 1956 and its first exhibition was organized in Zhong Shan Hall, Taipei, in 1957. Since this initial event, the group exhibited work in May every year. The Fifth Moon Group was synonymous with boldness and innovation as well as upholding liberty through subject matter, concept and its presentation of art. Consequently the group is considered a pioneer of Taiwan’s contemporary art groups and is profoundly influential to the development of art in Taiwan and Greater China.

For Art Basel in Hong Kong, Galerie du Monde will present important early works between the 60′s and 70′s by Fifth Moon members: Fong Chung-Ray (b. 1933, Henan, China), Hu Chi-Chung (b. 1927 – 2012, Zhejiang, China), Liu Kuo-Sung (b.1932, Anhui, China) and Chen Ting-Shih (b. 1913 – 2002, Fujian, China). Important archive materials relating to the early Fifth Moon movement, such as catalogues, invitations, photos and letters at the Insights sector, will also be curated within the display. The Insights sector at Art Basel in Hong Kong presents projects by galleries based in the Asia and the Asia-Pacific region and representing artists from the region – from Turkey to New Zealand, including Asia, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

Alongside the presentation at Art Basel, Galerie du Monde will also host an ambitious exhibition The Influence of Abstraction – The Fifth Moon, focusing on the Fifth Moon inside the gallery space in Central Hong Kong (17 March – 23 April 2017), showing the development of the artists’ career by presenting works after the 70s to recent years. This exhibition follows a successful presentation of the Fifth Moon Group at the gallery in April 2016, which was organized following the retrospectives of Liu Kuo-Sung in 2014 and Fong Chung-Ray at the gallery in 2015. The 2016 exhibition showcased 25 of the finest artworks created by the members of the Fifth Moon Group, including works produced by Liu Kuo-Sung, Fong Chung-Ray, Chen Ting-Shih, Hu Chi-Chung and Ku Fu-Sheng during the 1960s and 1970s. The works of Chen Ting-Shih, Hu Chi-Chung and Ku Fu-Sheng were premiered in Hong Kong at this exhibition.

‘We are extremely proud to once again present rarely-seen work by the Fifth Moon Group at our gallery and in Art Basel’s Hong Kong show. In doing so, we are able to showcase the historical significance of this artistic movement to an international and local audience. The shape and direction of Chinese Contemporary and Modern art has been influenced by the work and lives of this pioneering group, so this feels like a fitting moment to reflect on their resonance in the region.’

- Fred Scholle, Founder & Chairman, Galerie du Monde