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The Mask we wear is one – a solo show by Yusof Ghani

Chan Hampe Galleries is delighted to present “The Mask we wear is one” — a solo show by Malaysian artist Yusof Ghani. This is Ghani’s first solo show in Singapore in over a decade.

Yusof Ghani leapfrogged into the “Big League” last year when his Siri Tari II (1984-85) painted in the United States shot up to RM190,000/SGD75,800 (premium: RM209,000/SGD83,400) from an RM8,000/SGD3,100 overture. It was a new Yusof personal best – less than two months after he sold at RM93,500/SGD37,300 premium at the Henry Butcher October 2012 auction, also for a work from the Siri Tari series. Five other works in this auction were also sold. (The Star Online, December 2012)

Yusof’s vast travels to many parts of the world and the travel anecdotes he’s encountered are the main inspiration for these pieces. He constructs the masks using his own visual language of movement and colour, manipulating and distorting the image to the extreme. The masks are at once both reminiscent of past cultures and iconographies, and reflective of a contemporary world charged with emotion.

“The Mask we wear is one” runs from 5 April, 2013 until 5 May, 2013 at Chan Hampe Galleries @ Raffles Hotel, located at Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-20/21, 328 North Bridge Road. The exhibition is open daily from 11am – 7pm. Admission is free. For enquires please call +65 6338 1962.

About the Artist

Yusof Ghani was originally a graphic artist who transitioned to fine arts after receiving a government grant to study art at the George Mason University, Virginia in 1979. Inspired by American Abstract Expressionists – Pollock and de Kooning, he eventually decided to pursue fine arts and develop his own style in painting. He then continued to work for a Master’s Degree at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

His first solo exhibition at Anton Gallery in Washington, D.C. with the “Protest” Series was a success. Ever since then, he has gone on to produce other series in various exhibitions all over the world. His most popular series are: “Tari” (Dance), “Topeng” (Mask), and “Wayang” (Play).

Yusof is currently an instructor at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. His works have been exhibited in various galleries and media. He enjoys working in his studio and travelling for his exhibitions.

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