EX: 1/30/2012
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ShanghART (H Space)
2016.01.09 Sat - 2016.03.06 Sun
Opening Exhibition
Bldg 18, 50 Moganshan Rd. Putuo Disctrict, Shanghai, China 200060
+86 21 6359 3923
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 1pm - 6pm

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Things From the Gallery Warehouse 7-B Group Exhibition ShanghART H-Space
[Press Release]

Followed the tradition of the series, Things from the Gallery Warehouse 7-B continues to showcase artists’ works which were previously engaged in Biennials, museum special projects and etc. ShanghART hereby launches 8 installation and photography works from artists, SHI Qing, HU Jieming, YANG Zhenzhong, ZHANG Qing and ZHANG Ding. The exhibition is released to public from 9 January to 6 March 2016.


Perception, existence, spirit and substance are seen as the fundamental scope of philosophy, the exhibition is curated by the tangible substance as the variable clue, thereby provoking the speculative philosophy of legitimate environment, internal logic of sociology and spiritual symbolisation. SHI Qing’s M1508-1 deploys the life routine of urban China as its spatial structure, which is extracted from multiple functioned stations such as markets, factories, entertaining places and transporting conjunctions that impact on essential living track embedded in people’s daily activities to resonate the internal logic between the urban production and consumption. The Black Box from HU Jieming enables viewers to experience a ‘nonempirical’ super-social, cultural legendary presence by mobilising the physical sensory of ‘Super-Visual’ potentiality in a dark surroundings. In terms of V , YANG Zhenzhong endeavours to unearth the spiritual implication which exists beyond objects while infiltrating through the perpetual moving rhythm. Before… undertakes the entrusted Buddha as a medium to authenticate the belief, ZHANG Qing implies that the performability has been exuding from worshippers’ behaviour in a psychological state under Buddhas’ surveillance, which signifies the reverence to Buddhas surpasses the devoutness itself. To establish a combat scene dwelt between sensory and will in the process of re-configuration from one object to another is facilitated by depriving the stereotyped definition of objects, as ZHANG Ding’s Black Substance-3 purposed.


Things from the Gallery Warehouse 7-A presents SHI Qing’s spatial installation work, Wuhan Climate in ShanghART Main Space (Building 16). The exhibition will last until 6 March.

Things from the Gallery Warehouse is an ongoing exhibition project initiated by Shanghart in 2009. Every winter, this exhibition series showcases art works which were presented in past major exhibitions, Biennials and museum scenarioed projects and since have been rarely shown in shanghart’s 3000 square metres warehouse (ShanghART Taopu Warehouse) once returned. Those hidden works produced by artists who germinated in diversified occasions will be re-located under a distinctive context, which are overt to be contemplated.