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FQ Projects (非青计划)
2016.11.05 Sat - 2017.01.22 Sun
Opening Exhibition
No.76, Lane 927 Mid Huai Hai Road, Shanghai, China(淮海中路927弄淮海坊76号)
86 21 6466 2940
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday 10am-6pm

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FQ Projects
[Press Release]

FQ Projects is honored to present Timeline, the dual exhibition of Sun Yue and Dai Mouyu. The exhibition will open on 5th November 2016, and last until 22th January 2017.

This is the young artist Sun Yue’s first show in FQ Projects. There are various kinds of “emptiness” in her works, most of which formed by natural fall-of of the materials in the creating process. In Sedimentary Rocks-Ying and Sedimentary Rocks-Yang, we could see both the forming sedimentation of clay forming into rocks, and the impact of time on everyone of us. What is accumulating under such impact? What remains there, the Ying part or the Yang part? In Instant 1, fragments of porcelain pieces are at the same time a static time-point and also a dynamic time-line. What is in the in-between space? Those things “slowly consumed by time”? But are they actually gone? Besides the solid object forms, what else do we see? Time is linear, a basic concept consented in most societies nowadays. Life is seen as an irreversible journey from birth to death. There is the past, the present and the future. The way we live is actually closely related to our perception of time. “There is no such things as time without consciousness”, which is to say, time exists essentially in human consciousness. Sun Yue considers time order-less, flowing and circulating, and regards her works a game of time and its flow. Her works thus have a strong sense of “in process”, which is quite obvious in Silent Language series. The reason why she chooses porcelain to express herself is that it can simulate the natural sedimentating and weathering and that its irreversible eternity once baked in kiln, making its timeline look absurd and fascinating.

Dai Mouyu has brought to this exhibition his new ink-pen works, with characters in them for the first time. The artist says that he needed time to process his observation and experiences, and he did not want to present them too subjectively. In Will, there are a line of people with different postures and different directions. People take and deal with the gap between time and space in their own ways, some may face it, some may turn away. The view in Non-mountain is like a mountain yet not a mountain. From the mountain front to the back, and from the back to the front, what is left is only a vague image.

Drawing lines after lines for years, Mouyu has become more calm and peaceful and it is probably due to this inner-peace that he brought the tension underneath the picture to the picture. His creation in the lines is already beyond spiritual practice, and has become an endless research.

Sun Yue, born in 1989 in Beijing, graduated from Department of Ceramic Design, Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University in 2012, she has got MA degree of Fine Arts at University of Arts Bremen in 2016, currently study in Meisterschülerstudium at University of Arts Bremen. Her works have been exhibited in The First Young Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale in Beijing in 2016, Anniversary Ceramic Artist Invitation Exhibition, Peter Siemssen Foundation in Germany and etc.

Dai Mouyu, born in 1975 in Guandong, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He now works and lives in Shanghai. His works have been exhibited in Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art and many other countries ie. France, Germany and Taiwan. FQ Projects has exhibited his works in several ShContemporary Art Fairs, Art14 London art fair, Art Busan, Shanghai Art in the City in K11 and Art021 in 2014 , as well as six group exhibitions in FQ Projects.