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Trio Exhibition, Perhaps | Deng Yuejun, Jiang Zhuyun and Zhang Liaoyuan.

开幕:2015年4月25日 (星期六)下午5-8点
展期:2015年4月26日-2015年6月15日 (每天 上午10点-下午6点 周一闭馆)

Opening: Saturday April 25 2015, 5-8pm
Duration: April 26 – June 15, 2015, 10am – 6pm, closed on Monday



Rén Space is delighted sent a trio exhibition, Perhaps, curated by Geng Jianyi, from April 26 through June 15, 2015, showcasing works by Deng Yuejun, Jiang Zhuyun and Zhang Liaoyuan.

In this first collaborative project amongst these talented young artists, an outline of their recent creations will simultaneously reveal novel perspectives and unprecedented narratives between New Media Art and current contemporary art space.  We are honored to have Geng Jianyi, a pioneering and seminal artist in new media art in China, curate the show.  His curatorial direction will augment the artists’ unique positions in arts and their dynamic interactions, as open ended exploration and dialogues.

关于艺术家 | Artists

邓悦君 Deng Yuejun


Deng Yuejun (born in Yunfu, Guangdong in 1986) lives and works in Hangzhou. He graduated from the Dept. of New Media Arts. His creative media consist mainly of ink wash animation, installation, sound and so forth.

蒋竹韵 Jiang Zhuyun

1984生于杭州,生活工作于杭州。创作和研究方向涉足多种形态,装置,绘画,行为,观念,声音艺术,田野录音,以及 AudioVisual 现场等。曾参与并负责杭州江南布衣艺术中心想象力学实验室的多次项目策划和执行。

Jiang Zhuyun (born in Hangzhou in 1984) lives and works in Hangzhou. His works takes on multiple repertoires, including installation, painting, behavioral art, conceptual art, sound art, field recording and AudioVisual live shows. Jiang was involved in curating and operating a number of projects in Imagokinetic Lab of JNBY Art Center.

张辽源 Zhang Liaoyuan


早期作品与公共环境有着紧密关系,作品的创作常在公共场所内进行,并以此兴趣制作了一些机械装置,对日常使用的物品和公共环境中的人造物品保持了长时间的关注。随后对即兴创作产生了兴趣,从琐碎的生活细节里随兴制作一些小作品,参与组织一些交流活动。2009 开始对视觉现象本身产生了极大兴趣,随即开始了对光线、成像、图像、图形、观看等一系列与视觉现象有关的各种问题进行研究和创作。

Zhang Liaoyuan (born in 1980) lives and works in Hangzhou. He graduated from the Dept. of New Media Arts, China Academy of Arts.
His early work closely touched upon public environment and the actual creative process often took place in public space. Through his personal interest he created a number of mechanical devices and kept a prolonged focus on everyday objects and artificial objects in public surrounding. Later he was drawn into improvisation, for instance, art opuscule based on trivial details in daily life, and thus participated in running art exchange events. In 2009 he became enthusiastic in visual phenomenon itself and then carried out research and artistic creation rested upon a series of topics related to visual phenomenon such as light rays, imaging, graphics, patterns and observation of visual phenomenon.

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For further information about the artists and their works, please follow our recent updates on Wechat.

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