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Winding Time, ShanghART Beijing

Opening on 16 October, 2020, ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present “Winding Time”, the second exhibition this year at its Beijing location. On view will be works by eight artists, including Han Feng, Hu Liu, He Wei, Liu Weijian, Ouyang Chun, Sun Xun, Yan Bing and Zhao Yang.

Time seems to have become more unpredictable in the year 2020. It is at times bent and folded, like a music box with failed dampers playing a familiar yet untuned song. At others it turns into a firm rubber band that has been stretched for a long time. While released all of a sudden, it should have snapped back to the original shape but stopped halfway with wrinkles.

This makes people reconsider “time” and “space” from different perspectives, as well as what they bring to us. Things that have always been controllable, objective, and even overlooked become winding, thus pushing boundaries and blurring picture planes; after getting rid of space, time struggles to appear as a chain of fragments, which reconnects in a sinuous way.


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