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L-Art Gallery
2014.09.20 Sat - 2014.11.30 Sun
Opening Exhibition
09/20/2014 15:00
Area C1, Tianfu Software Park, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu
+86 028-85246646
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:30 daily
Rain Lu 吕婧

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Zhang Tianjun’s solo project will be on show in Chengdu
[Press Release]

Duration: 20th Sep – 30th Nov, 2014

Opening: 3PM-6PM, Saturday, 20th Sep, 2014

Venue: L-Art Gallery

Artists: Zhang Tianjun

In Search For the Fountain of Youth is a comprehensive extension for Zhang Tianjun’s practice as a continuation of an exhibition theme. This exhibition is a cooperation project between L-Art Gallery (Chengdu) and V ART CENTER (Shanghai). L-Art Gallery cordially invite you to attend Solo Exhibition of Zhan Tianjun at 3 PM on September 20th.

风景, 布面综合材质, Landscape1407,Mixed Media on Canvas, 68cmx88cm, 2014

风景, 布面综合材质, Landscape1407,Mixed Media on Canvas, 68cmx88cm, 2014

Zhang Tianjun’s painting attempts to adopt the layout of traditional Chinese painting, luring the audience’s vision with delineating, tinging and texture stokes in all sorts of hues and offering a peculiar visual field. The artist does not favor the texture result yielded from piling up paints in Western oil painting. He prefers the repeated smudging brushwork in the Song Dynasty Chinese painting and likes to make slow overlying of layers in his painting. In the creation, Zhang Tianjun has been trying to find out how to maximize the effect he wants with certain materials and media. Common canvas and paints can as well present a saturated mountain scenery. Observing the series painting of “Two Pines with Seven Colors”, one will be imperceptibly attracted by the enchanting look of the mountain rocks. They are sparing no effort to touch the sky, or dancing to the poignant music by overlapping each other. With mists of different colors, they are leading you onto a dreamy land. In “Refuge”, the appearance of animals broke the original peace of the picture; the plot has been complicated. They crushed into the deserted land alone, only to find themselves trapped with no way out. The fairyland composed by artificial rocks has become the only habitat.

无题,纸本丙烯, untitled-3, Acrylic on Paper, 39cmx75cm, 2014

At 3pm on September 21st, L-Art Gallery will also host an art dialogue salon: Zhang Tianjun and his “Fountain of Youth”. The audience can communicate with the artist face to face, which helps understand more directly the artist and his works. Through the communication, the myth why the artist favoring easel painting but not indulging in simple visual images will be solved; meanwhile, the artist will state his aesthetical recognition of reproducing traditional media and materials during his obsession with Song and Yuan landscape themes.