EX: 1/30/2012
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A Thousand Plateaus (千高原艺术空间)
2017.05.06 Sat - 2017.06.05 Mon
Opening Exhibition
3-5 Southern District, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, 699 First Tianfu Street, High-Tech Development Zone, Chengdu 成都市高新区天府一街699号铁像寺水街南区3-5号(临盛邦街)
+86 (0)28-85126358 / (0)28-85158238
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 10:30 am - 18:30 pm
Liu Jie

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Zhang xiao: So Many Things Are Going On
[Press Release]

Duration: 2017,05,06–2017,06,06
Opening: 2017,05,06 15:00-18:00, Saturday
Organizer: A Thousand Plateaus Art Space
Artists: Zhang Xiao
Media: Painting, Installation, Video, Photograph
Venue: A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, South Square, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront, Shengbang Street,
High-tech Development Zone, Chengdu, China
Tel: + 86 – (0) 28 8512 6358
E-mail: info@1000plateaus.org

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By Zhang Xiao

“Name the newborn daughter…My son has a fever for a week…”,, this bullet-point list is the start of Zhang Xiao’s personal project in A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, records his recent daily life and working progress, meanwhile, represents Zhang’s various identities. In fact, by applying certain materials, rearranging images and associating with words, Zhang employs the project So Many Things Are Going on to discuss the multiplicity of individual identity.

The colorful PVC flooring using in the project is the main material as Kang made of, in Zhang’s hometown Yantai. The mundane but once-familiar object in hometown experiences cropping, extracting, photographing, recombining and framing and finally transforms into artwork in somewhere other than hometown. As an art piece, which is unfamiliar to hometown fellows, so is for viewers from other places as a functional material.

The dual strangeness corresponds to Zhang’s physical migration and identity transformation, in fact, also echoes to many aspects of the rapid development in China nowadays.

The juxtaposition of photograph and material of colorful PVC flooring forms a vague distinction that is too subtle to notice. However, it maintains a significant metaphor for transition. The sense of blurry arising by mixed media reflects to his moving and status change, also the difficulties to tell the fake from truth in today’s society.

The personal project “So Many Things Are Going On” by Zhang Xiao is the first solo exhibition of A Thousand Plateaus Project Space 1000 +. The Gallery launches the project space to provide more experimental scenes for artists and allow them to be curators at the same time. There will be at least 5 projects every year.