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Ran Dian 燃点 New Year fund raising appeal
Help us stay critical and independent !

A message to You, our readers:

Ran Dian 燃点magazine needs a little help from you to keep (debate about) art critical, especially when that debate is about art and China.

Ran Dian 燃点 is China’s only independent critical art magazine.
We survive through the support of readers and sponsors.

Since launching in 2010 we have become one of the leading voices on art in China. Along the way, many of our colleague magazines have ceased to exist. Now only a very few contemporary art magazines are left in China and we are one of them.

Advertising alone is not the answer. To keep debate sharp and critical and also balance obligations with our advertisers with unvarnished words, we need sponsors – people like you. So we are asking you to become one of our sponsors by making a small donation. You choose the level you want. You might donate just once or you can choose to make regular monthly contributions. It’s up to you. No pressure!

Donations from readers like you will help our writers and translators to keep reviewing and criticising art in China and beyond. 

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Ran Dian Editors Fund Appeal 2018

Ran Dian Editors Fund Appeal 2018