99 Moganshan Lu
A1, Building 4, Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China
T: +86 21 6276 0482
Opening Hours
11am - 6pm / Closed on mondays
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99DAC Shanghai

Committed to professionalism, integrity, and stability, 99DAC has established a strong reputation in art gallery circles. In May 2008, a branch is opened at M50 in Shanghai to reach more art lovers. Aided by art histories domestic and foreign, we are constantly on the lookout for artists who are headed for greatness in history; meanwhile, being recognized as a Taiwanese gallery, 99DAC Shanghai aims to facilitate artistic exchange across the world, to better represent the different dimensions of contemporary Chinese art.

The 99° Arts Center is currently the only professional arts center holding solo shows by important artists on a monthly basis. Its seminars serve an educational function, and its scope of activities embraces the most outstanding artists working in a variety of creative mediums.

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    99度艺术中心 SH - galleryFull_002